Friday, February 27, 2009

choosing positivity

ever wake up feeling just a bit odd? that's me today.

odd in the sense of not knowing if one's mood will swing towards the pleasant and calm or towards the slightly tense and anxious. odd because you know it could go either way, odd in that the positive and negative teeter on an edge you can't quite identify. odd in the fact that you are truly unsure which way things will go.

at that very moment, there exist precious seconds to swing toward the positive. there are days i do believe where one must take action to choose positivity. you must act quickly and you must commit to finding the good in the day, searching out tiny bits of beauty and smiling. everything will move toward the better if you do so.

the oddness may be related to stress, may be related to personal relations, may be related to hormonal shifts or it may be a sign that your body and mind need a bit of a rest. if you are able to grant your body rest then do, a nap can prove wonders. i prefer to actively exercise my wobbly emotions out. some folks stretch and breathe and some meditate to find a place of balance.

that's all fine and good when you've got the time to do so. today is one of those days where the time is not so available which requires the exercise of positivity to push toward the mental. choose positivity and practice it. when the wobbly emotions return, decide again to be positive and just keep doing so.

think happy thoughts, place the face of someone you love in your mind, recall a moment when someone did something nice for you or a moment when you did a good dead for another, go study a tree, or watch little bits of nature come alive. focus on something simple, something small, simplify the noise in the mind. imagine quiet and breathe.

after much practice, i find the process to choose positivity often happens without my thinking which is the overall goal - a daily choice of positivity - a natural bent toward positivity - a life filled with good and happiness.

smile like the buddha
ponder like pooh
find the simple
choose positivity
choose happiness

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