Thursday, January 8, 2009

working working working

still going
will get through the show today
we hope
we hope

audience coming soon


Anonymous said...

Hi Chick - hope you had a safe journey home. It must be rewarding to be involved in something as creative as the theatre. I trust it was a success. The days are lengthening, though it seems barely noticeable. I have been perusing the seed catalogues and trying to figure out ways of keeping the deer out of the garden. I am even considering a solar powered electric fence. Drastic times call for drastic measures. I have always had to contend with deer but last year was terrible. They were at the garden the entire season and probably cut the yield by half. If somebody shot one of these deer during hunting season, it likely, tasted like string beans and swiss chard. I have had more time lately, and have been out taking photographs again. You can see some of them at I hope you check it out.

Take care and stay cool!

shellywoman said...

checked it out - you have a long term reader in me - so glad to see you back - thank you for the invite - stories matter