Tuesday, January 13, 2009

supercat and the necessary nap

mad aching head this morning owie ow ow ow.

my eyes are heavy, weighted by an invisible force pushing down and pushing in. owoooieeee. head is pulsing, bulgwup bulgwup bulgwup. were did this come from? maybe the transfer from arizona dry dry to texas whatever might be part of the shift. or it's another one of those work and work and work to slow down body takes a grip and takes over moments. oh sad, pretty light too bright to observe, achh achh, even my stomach threatens to take a turn. where are the pain meds this cannot stop my day.

eggs are collected, creatures are fed and watered. ooopff not feeling great. i have the rare opportunity to stay home today. i think it is time to take a nap. time to treat the body right for a change, give it a short rest. i'll have the warm and purring company of mr. supercat.

hmm, maybe the gods are granting supercat his favorite but often too busy for napping napping partner for the morning. sounds nicer than the gods punishing me with an aching head. yeah, we'll go with that. here i come supercat, make a bit of room. show me the way of the nap.

soon we will be up, feeling fresh and out and about once again.

note - the egg-o-matic-egg-counting-o-meter has been updated. the girls are reliably laying an egg a day sweeties that they are. and later today i'll post photos of the meaties. they are gigantic! the best part, there are a few roo roos beginning to try out their voices. it's so darn cute i cannot stand it. of course i am there cheering the fellows on. it would be nice to have a full time roo roo around. not right now hippychick, not right now.

to the nap, supercat is waiting
ok pounding head, off with you.

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zippy said...

nothing cures an ache like a nap with a cat in the small of your back.