Tuesday, January 27, 2009

readying up for chilly weather

the texas sleets are coming! this is the toughest stuff that we get. freezing rains and temps in the low twenties with high winds are expected. not only are these conditions challenging for plants but they are also challenging for driving out on the roads.

it's the freezing rains that have in the past turned my forty-five minute ride to work into an easy three hour very slow moving and often terrifying trip. terrifying because there are some folk out there who believe that driving an suv means that they are free from the dangers of the road. they drive in an unsafe manner and place everyone else on the defensive.

please people slow the heck down! one slip and we could all be in trouble.

ok so much for my driving rant, back to the garden. in light of the forecast i pulled out the heavy plastic sheeting, the burlap and the empty woven plastic feed bags all of which help to protect and cover delicate edibles. most everything that might get touched is now covered. the citrus and the veggie gardens. opera kitty helped me along the way. he gave notes and double checked my tucking of items in by climbing over them and sometimes lying on top of them until he was sure the covers were fully secure.

i threw down four more large garden size bags of leaves in the chicken run. this will give the kiddos a thick soft fluffy bed to settle into if they decide that they do wish to spend their time out of doors chilly or not. we've got plenty of leaves horded up just for such chickenyfarming needs.

the baby seedlings are inside, covered and doing quite well. the beans and corn are already sprouting and will soon require the tops to be removed in order to allow freedom for their growing height. my set up is pretty low tech but it does the job. the room they set in is windowed on two sides in order to supply plenty of natural light.

this will be the coolest chill we've had in a while. i think we're ready. it's nice to know that the meaties and the baby layers are now fully feathered out, the chickenchicas are cozy in their coop and that there is refuge for all the kitties of our universe.

i'm sure the cabbages, the cauliflower and the rest of the kohl crops are also looking forward to the nip. here we go.

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