Tuesday, January 20, 2009

people are pulling together

- oh happy day -
for me, today's inauguration of president obama proves truly inspirational.
sure there are rough roads ahead, sure the worst has yet to come but if we can get people working together toward a better america then i do believe we can we can we can make it through.

my wish
  • more truth
  • more transparency
  • bring jobs back home
  • better interior relations
  • improved international relations
  • reinvestment in goods made in the usa
  • more effort and concentration on our own home country's woes - hunger, poverty, health care, education, care for our elderly, and needy folk
  • re-teach folk to value our elders, our veterans, the folk who serve in our communities and each other
that's a pretty serious list and by far, not the whole but let's start where we start and see how far we can go. i don't know if you've noticed but there are a number of wishes on the list that we can start on our own. respect others, value others, help in our own communities, think differently about shaping our communities, supporting others to improve our own american experience. as has been said many times before, goodness begins at home. so begin!

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