Monday, January 12, 2009

packing out last year's harvest

good to be heading home this fine morning. i would have been on a flight right this moment but it's been canceled and the lot of us have been booked on the next outgoing trip. it's fine with me. i would have enjoyed the extra few minutes of sleep but what can you do?

i've got my iced coffee sitting at my side and free wireless service so i'm in good shape. note to travelers out there - the usairways b terminal at tucson international airport offers free wireless service. good deal. actually i am of the belief that all airports should offer free wireless service. hey if you cannot fly, you can work or browse or catch up with family and friends.

i'm curious to see how the meaties are doing. are they twice their size? are they still in pin feathers or are their backsides now feathered out? is wee lame chick still doing well? are they venturing outside more? how are the supply levels doing? (feed, bedding, etc.) is everybody healthy and feeling perky?

truth be told, i would not be surprised if i'm not transporting chickenpoo to the compost piles later this afternoon. so it goes, you raise them, you clean up after them. aha, i wonder how those compost piles are doing? i bet they've composted down at least 1/4 of their size. they sure were kicking and steaming when i left. boy if i do things right, we could have some killer tomatoes this season.

the chickenchicas have been dealing with some chilly (chilly for bastroptown) nights the past few days. i'll be treating their combs tonight to ward off frost damage. they've probably been just fine, spoiled by my more than fantastic neighbors. i'm looking forward to giving each of the ladies a good scratch and a cuddle and sharing some coop coop chatter while we catch up on the week's doings. bunny bunny might have a few updates to share. i'll have to harvest some garden greens for everyone to share.

today will be a good day to get some bread started, wash up clothes, count eggs and plan and prep for the week's packed dinners. packed dinners are going the norm this semester - better for health, better for the pocketbook and better for happiness. if there is one thing i miss when i travel, it's home grown, home cooked meals. there is just nothing like it. it feels good to be eating the food you grow and/or raise. you know where the food has come from, what it's been fed, you know it's fresh, fresh, fresh and it tastes darn good! how can you beat that?

here's what i'm thinking for this coming week.
  • boil a few eggs for salad toppings, munching and sandwich mix ins
  • pull out a few containers of homemade frozen soups from the freezer (onion, veggie, chicken and/or chili)
  • bake up a quiche - with home made pie crust this round
  • harvest greens, radish and herbal bits from the garden for yummy salads
  • mix up a batch of honey vinegar salad dressing
  • bake up a batch of crusty bread rolls
  • mix up a batch of yogurt and musli
  • cook up a batch of my throw all the grains in porridge
  • pull out a jar of crunchy canned pickles
  • last but not least, brew up a good strong pot of coffee for my morning iced
the above looks good, looks good for me, will not require a great amount of prep time and requires little to no supplemental visits to the grocery. right now, i'm looking at shopping for olive oil in bulk, butter for the pastry and several packages of cheese (feta, goat and fresh mozzarella - though i should be making my own).

i've got lots of home cooked goodies packed in the freezer for future picking which will keep the eating healthy, interesting and joyful. it is time to eat up the existing goodies cooked, canned and stored from last year's harvest in order to make room for this coming year's harvest. exciting, exciting!

time to travel now folks.
cheers then, until my return...

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Susan said...

I have to agree with you totally on the homemade food thing.