Friday, January 30, 2009

food driven dreams or just weird

crazy dreams last night, crazy, way out there

possums, baby possums, lots and lots and lots of baby possums, holes in the porch, and then another dream where my efforts to simply get myself to a bathing shower were thwarted by a whole slew of interesting and varied folk you might not run into everyday. weird man... folk wayyyyyyyy out of my daily goings on.

anyway i awoke wondering if the dreams were at all influenced by the foods i ate the night before which included only two items, sweet and sour cabbage and crimini mushrooms sauteed in butter and olive oil. yup real serious dinner all washed down with a single beer.

if it were not the food then i've got to say my imagination is far more powerful than i ever thought possible. and my inner self - big time weirdo, cool weird but weird.

excellent tattoos by the way. i've got to remember some of that. cheers!

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