Sunday, January 18, 2009

fish tacos rock!

ok folks i'm sharing my fish tacos recipe. it was truly superfabulisticly yummy. so much so that my FIVE pounds of fish did not turn out to be enough. i was shocked! i thought for sure i would be left with heaps of fish of which i'd eat up no problem but not so. peeps kept going back going back going back for more.

guess i know one item i'll be serving next time around. i can see it now, bb-q chicken, fish tacos and beer! yeah yeah yeah

ok so here is what i did. i purchased five pounds of farm raised catfish. i rinsed all the fish in cool water, patted it dry and cut the fish up into small bite sized pieces. the cutting into bite sized pieces takes a while - be patient and maybe grab a chair for the job or spend more and buy already cut up fish. i then took all the little fish bits and placed them in a large bowl. i poured milk over the top of the fish and let it set for 48 hours in the fridge. the milk pulls out all the icky stuff and give the fish a milder flavor. after the 48 i pour out the milk, rinse the fish with water, drain the fish and set them back i the bowl. i beat six eggs (or less depending on how much fish you are dealing with) and pour the beaten eggs over the fish. i then place the bowl of egg soaking fish back in the fridge for another 12 hours. once the time has passed, i mix up my dry flour coating.

dry flour coating ala hippychick - don't ask for measurements, i eye everything. enough flour to coat my fish plus a dash of everything below to meet my flavor likings.
  • flour
  • sea salt
  • pepper (i like a lot of black pepper myself)
  • cayenne (a few dashes)
  • paprika (good for color and flavor)
  • rosemary
  • lavender (yup, you read that right)
  • cinnamon
  • cardamom
before dredging the fish in the flour mixture, i let the fish drain in a colander for a good two minutes in order to rid any extra egg liquid not sticking directly to the fish. then, once well drained, i dredge the fish in the flour mixture making sure all pieces get a good coating. today because of the large amount of fish i was dealing with, i split the flour into two bowls and dredged in two batches.

at this point you can bake or fry the fish. i baked the fish. i took out two large ceramic pans and coated the bottom of each pan with olive oil. not too much oil, just enough to keep the fish from sticking to the bottom. i split the fish between the two pans and placed them in the oven heated to 300˚f. bake until cooked through and tender - about 30 minutes. the time may vary depending on your stove.

once cooked take the fish out. place a few bites on a tortilla, add some sour creme, guacamole, salsa, cilantro, cheese, black beans, onion, sliced cabbage, whatever you like. then take a bite - ooooh mama tre' yummy.

sadly there were some folk who did not make it in time for fish tacos. they now know better for next time. the other sad thing is that i never got pictures of the fish taco set up - it went too fast. the most sad part is that there are no leftovers for lunch -- ahhhhhhhh but there is beer and guacamole leftover and that's quite nice. add a handful of taco chips, i'm good to go.

you can make fish tacos with any fish i would imagine - maybe not sardines or herring but then again that would depend upon your taste. i used the catfish because it was locally raised, organic and inside my budget line. the milk soak truly helps smooth out the flavor of a fish - give it a try.