Monday, January 5, 2009

early morning walk about

woke up early, not too early, just after sunrise, early enough for a day driven by no particular agenda. out of town for a bit - worked a long day yesterday - expected to work part of today, learning later - nope no work today. hmm? what to do?

got no car - got two good feet - got time - could do with some exercise - could do with some fresh air - could do with some healthy no cooking required fill you up organic groceries - searched out the local food co-op - drew myself a map - got cleaned up - got dressed - out the door - sun shining - a bit chilly - the feel good wake you up kind of chilly - better for walking kind of chilly - keeps you moving kind of chilly - moving but not too fast - just fast enough to produce some heat

i found the co-op. nice little place. they had everything on my little brain list and more. i had fun looking around. i kept in mind that my backpack only holds so much and my time here is not so long. i walked out happy. good food in the bag, beautiful day and time to wander at will. i had no idea which way to go but my body had an inkling so i just went with it.

i stopped at a locally owned coffee shop for a cup. the place was packed. i found a chair at a table enjoying my cup when two fellows sat down near by and we got to talking out of the blue. great conversation, down to earth folk, conversation worth having - no small awkward chatter - real talk and funny enough about topics relative to my brain set - sustainable living techniques, the future of automobiles in america (electric, alcohol, oil, gasoline, etc), nuclear power, solar power, uranium, concrete, natural, sustainable and new technological building materials, plumbing, electrical wiring, new government, the reality of today's economy and how to work positively within it rather than feeling bad and upset about it and more. i was there a good two hours talking to these fellow. how did this happen? where did these guys come from? who set this up? how did i get this lucky? we parted ways and the fellows offered up a form of contact. i felt no worry in taking it. this was good conversation - i'd share a cup of coffee with these fellows again, no problem. no one was playing anyone here - it was just what is was - good conversation. i packed up and got back to my wandering.

upon the wandering path, great discoveries and observations were made.
  • a local coffee shop as mentioned above
  • native seeds - the distribution store of a great seed saving organization
  • several artist collectives - sculpture, pottery, found object art - not for tourists studios - off the beaten path studios - cool
  • excellent examples of desert gardening
  • excellent examples of rain collecting systems
  • interesting examples of fencing made from mixed materials - steel, wood, stone, etc.
  • old historic church and building structures
  • fantastic structures made from local resources - stone, wood, clay, etc.
  • pockets of a city not intended for tourism
it was a good walk about. now i'm back at the place from where i started. the sun is golden yellow, the sky is mostly clear, scattered strings of clouds float above. hours have passed and the groceries collected unpacked and put away.
  • muesli - bob's red mill country style - really good stuff
  • banana chips - way too yummy
  • bananas
  • finncrisp caraway crackers
  • a small bit of havarti cheese
  • kefir milk - great with muesli and fruit
  • plain yogurt - big container
  • several carrots
  • several apples
  • applesauce - i mix it into my yogurt - nummy nummy
  • small bag of dry corn chowder soup - add hot h2o tada hot soup
not much but plenty to get by on. the room here provides coffee and tea while water is always easily had. i know where the killer coffee shop is so all seems to be well.

i may head out a bit later and i hope opportunity presents itself for another walk about before i go. for me, a truly satisfying way to spend a day.

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