Wednesday, January 14, 2009

chilly morning banter

woke up this morning to iced over chicken waterers. gave them a good tap tap with a stick thinking it might just be the tops frosted over - no way no way, they were pretty darn hard so i took them out of the coop, pried them apart and filled up with warmer drinkies for the thirsty chickenchicas.

ooooh dog it was chilly early this morning - down in the twenties - that's chilly around these parts. two nights in a row the temps dropping down low but i cannot complain a whip considering most other folk are trying their best to see over the mounds and mounds of snow they are continually challenged to dig themselves out of.

even opera kitty chose to stay indoors for the night and to head out later that even myself. stupid boy kitty he's not. termite took a whiff of the cool air on the porch, turned himself around and headed directly back to the down blanket he had just left. guess it's just not worth the fuss for he either.

i popped on a sweater, some wool socks and headed out for the morning duties. brisk, white breath led my way. frost crusted the grass, a sight i had not seen for many a day. the blades glistened pink, the sun not quite up. peeking under the heavy plastic covered veggie beds, i spied survivors perky and bright. the chickenchicas were out and about and greeted me with their enthusiastic smiles. a caroooo-ing sounded from inside the meatie palace. a young man making efforts to wake the day. another peek and i found the meaties mostly settled down and the three not so baby layers perched above. even with the chill in the air, the meaties traveled out the door to enjoy the freshness of the day. i traveled back in, kitties still not interested in heading out, and made my first mornings coffee. i check on the bean soup slow cooking all night and packed up the bread loafs now cooled.

i'm glad for the lengthening days. thought i had to go into austintown today but in fact that's not until tomorrow - hoooraaaaay. i started the day bottling up the homemade clothes washing soap - a good six to eight bottles worth - another good reason to save large plastic jugs and gallon sized containers. i made a double batch of laundry soap this round - planning ahead for extra busy days is never bad.

hmm and unexpected day at home - time to change back into work-ish clothes. i think the veggie garden expansion may be upon us. we've sure got enough compost and crunchy leaves to get us started. cool!

i'll be back later today to report the seed purchase for the spring garden. superduper!


zippy said...

think i need to wait. still 2 feet of snow in the front yard and the handle of the buried lawn mover in the back is barely showing.

jen hadfield, a canadian/english gardening poet you might like blogs at

funn stuff. this is a recent comment on compost

"Exercised the compost. It includes a pineapple top, a puffin, a couple codheads and a slimy mat of rotten grass clippings. The stink is nightmarish – meaty and alcoholic. It is studded with Birds' Eye peas. I'm working on the principle that one hundred and twenty intoxicated earthworms can't be wrong."

shellywoman said...

yup you might want to wait. i wonder... have you ever built an igloo up there? that could be cool. does the snow pack hard enough to do so?

hey thanks for sharing. i love interesting poets.