Friday, January 16, 2009

ahhh what the heck!

i was planning on throwing a small gathering this sunday and just like myself, i began to feel bad that others were not invited soooooooooo, i just now sent out word to the universe that the hippychick homestead casual sunday dinner is now an open to all open house.

why the heck not eih? i figured what the heck, let's have fun, open up the community and mix the folk on the invite list up.

who knows how many folk will actually stop by the definitely not in austintown a bit way out of the way hippychick house? i sure don't but i'll be ready just the same. and if not completely ready, i'll wing it. i'll just follow my old standby. add a little beer, add a little wine and things will begin to flow all on their own.

i have placed a time window on the gathering in order to get folks home at decent hour in order to enjoy a good nights sleep. it also gives me time to settle the creatures in for their good night's sleep as well as my own.

this means that tomorrow - saturday is clean up day top to bottom. i'll start inside and then work my way outside. and once the clean up is complete, i'll move on to cooking. i'll be making fresh egg noodle pasta for the first time - that will be fun. other bits on the menu may include -
  • fish tacos, bean tacos, bean and egg tacos on whole wheat tortillas
  • locally made taco chips w/guacamole and salsa
  • first time ever made egg noodles with homegrown homemade pesto and garlic butter
  • a quinoa sauerkraut slow cooked chicken in tomato something or other - no name for this one but it's good good good
  • eggy quiche thanks to the chickenchica's out back
  • superduper now soaking use the rest of last year's homegrown dried bean soup
  • fresh baked bread
  • fresh picked salad and home mixed dressing
  • pickled beans, pickled okra, pickled cukes, pickled peppers, pickles pickles pickles
that's a pretty good mix employing all kinds of goods grown and/or made fresh. we'll see. now we cross our fingers and hope for fine weather.

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