Monday, December 1, 2008

working in a night time chill

i tell ya! working in a night time chill really speeds up the pace.

all through my extra long work day and work night i pondered the dropping temps in the forecast and hoped that my travels might get me home before they actually landed upon freezing. i'll be close but i'll be fine i thought.

hmmphf - closer than i wanted to be it turns out. my car has a nifty internal/external thermometer and i tell you folks, i watched it all the way home. austintown 46˚, just a bit out 40˚, half way home 34˚ - uh ohh not good - a bit further on 31˚, back to 33˚ and so on. i pulled into the drive headed directly into the garage and grabbed several lengths of my garden burlap and got to work - hold that thought - ooop! here's opera kitty better let this honey of a fellow inside first. he was ready too, he led me right to the door and showed no hesitation once the option to move inside was made. ok, back again - covering my seedlings with burlap that happen not to be located under one of my hoop houses. next was to close up the ends of the hoop houses. brrrrr, chilly chilly working fast.

after that, check on the chicken chica's. they look like they are doing ok. note to self - purchase and install a red heat lamp for the chickenchica layers asap and maybe one of those nifty low temperature activated plugs that will switch the light on automatically when as the temps drop below 40˚.

next up the wee chicks - doing fine, doing fine. pull out the waterer. fill the waterer up. oh yeah! head back to the car, pull out the extra waterer that i purchased this morning. fill up that waterer too. after all, the wee chicks are drinking water like fish - i don't want them to go dry when i'm working late - that would be bad. place the waterers in the tin shed. shake down their feed a bit - looking good. grab the shed keys and lock her up.

chores complete in record time! wohoo it's chilly out there. the thermometer inside reads 32˚. i hope i got the plant babies covered in time. i know they are well watered. fingers crossed. tomorrow, a much warmer day - really? we'll see. i head inside after the final securing of the car and of the garage.

ohhhhhh warm inside, niiiice. and now the good stuff - happy comfy pj's and happy comfy bed
til' tomorrow.

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