Saturday, December 13, 2008

wooo! most amazing weather today


we are having an incredible day today and the next few look as beautiful. we have sunshine, dappled skies and a perfect soft summer-like breeze. i've opened all the windows and doors to allow a fresh air washing of the home. i've got laundry washing and more out on the line.

i've turned off the wee chicks heat lamps and propped open the big door so as to give them a fresh air washing as well. boy if I had their run ready, I'd have let them out of doors. Incentive, incentive to get that going. I think by next week they'll be ready for a bit of outdoor time. they still have some feathering to grow on the top of their backs but the wings and the butts are looking pretty good.

the ladies and wabbit wabbit are enjoying special special treats this morning. I brought them big bunches of greens including cardoon, pea vines, chick weed, and other yummy weedy/grassy bits that i pulled up around the yard. the greens will keep them busy for a good while.

i've got a good bit of gardening done already this morning as well. i've pulled the plastic off of the hoop houses to give the gardens full access to the sun's healthful rays. i sprayed the each and every bed with seaweed. recent wild winds gave me insight to the weak spots on the hoop houses so i spent some time building up their support systems so they would not sag and endure heavy wind and sleet better. opera helped me fold the big plastic sheets. aha aha.

mr. t supercat is enjoying the day on the back porch. he did take a time out to help me change the sheets and make up the beds. funny guy. he's now out and about making his rounds. look out this window, travel to the porch, jump up on the back of the chair. it seems we are all quite grateful for the beautiful day.

and a bit of fun.
hippychick's holiday lights made it into the local paper. a neighbor came over this morning to show me. "hey! you're famous! you're in the paper!". i never knew it took so little for fame. well today is the historical home tour. I am going to get this last bit of laundry up on the line before heading out myself. this little town of ours is home to a great number of spectacular victorians. rarely do you get a peak inside. i'm not going to miss this.

cheers folks!
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