Friday, December 26, 2008

unusually warm breezy beautiful day

we are looking at 7o˚f today and then some. it feels nice but it feels odd - should it not be colder here these days? yes, indeed it should be. the day is bringing people out. already i've seen neighborhood folk out running, walking dogs, working in the yard, wrapping up packaging from holiday gifting. i myself was out watering the gardens figuring i'll take the opportunity while it's nice.

kind of amazing this weather though. heads up, how the climate shifts. i have wondered of late if this climate shift would have started to occur with or without us? probably later but would it have come just the same? i would imagine we are the next dinosaurs. anyway, it's nice out today with a beautiful breeze to boot.
many of the perennials are shooting up, setting root and getting ready for big growth. i hope they hang on through the colder january and february (generally our coldest months) to come. once can hope. they seem to be doing quite well through the colder days that we have had so far so why not hold on? i guess i have not really figured out this whole central texas garden calender yet. bit by bit i'll come to understand more.

here is the crimson clover sprouting through the soil. i threw it down around the gardens running the perimeter of the fence. it's looking good and growing speedily. this group of wee sprouts here shares the friendly company of some flat leaf parsley. yummy!

chard peas and lettuce pretty colors each their own
a tight community of greens

the borage returns now year after year on it's own. i never quite know where it's going to come up or when exactly it's going to come up but it always does.

borage is great on so many levels. the leaves are great in salads, the flowers attract bees like no other and also taste great in summertime drinks.

the beets next door are slowly growing. a lesson in patience this time of season. i'm happy just the same, it gets too hot here in spring and summer to grow a proper beet.

our morning gift received each and every day. the girls each laying an egg specific in her own color.
  • white egg - alfie sunshine
  • dark brown egg - freckles flirtasia
  • light brown egg - saffron sunflower
there is a whole lot more i could be getting to out of doors today and i may just take advantage of the day to do so. why the heck not, right?

i've already been out cleaning up the meatie chicken coop and the laying chickenchica's coop. somewhat messy (especially the meatie coop - popping machines that they are) but necessary to keep everyone happy and most importantly healthy. and it's great for the compost pile and that's never bad! i refreshed lame chickie's bedding this morning too and upgraded her to a larger living space. just keeping everyone as happy as i am able.

it looks like it could rain but i'm not so sure that the skies will actually let loose. that would be nice. well i'm stalling. time to get back out there and move some river stone. time to prep the 'plan b' meatie run area. it's going to take a lot of heavy lifting on my part but then again, every bit of hard work pays off and if i don't do it, who's going to? you got it, no one!

it would be nice to have a helper - i will say that

have a great day folks!

7:3opm update

i ended up performing gutter duty this afternoon. dirty job after dirty job after dirty job today. because i have several live oaks in the yard, the emptying of gutters is an ongoing job. it's amazing how quickly the gutters fill up. i clean out the gutters a good two to three times a year, probably more.

i have installed gutter guards on several lengths of my gutters but i have to say that i'm pretty unhappy with the system. it might be the type i installed but it seems often crusty and clogged. even though i do not have to empty those gutters with the guards i do have to get back up there and brush the gutter guards with a still bristle brush to open them up fully. otherwise the water from the rain does not even enter the guarded gutter and flies over the top of the gutter which is not very helpful. and guess what? i have to brush the guarded gutters as frequently as i have to empty the gutters. hmmm, don't know which is better? my gut says emptying. i look pretty darn funny up there scrubbing gutters.

anyway the debris from the gutters goes right into the compost or in today's case, gets distributed around a piece of the yard that has a tendency to go muddy. i'm hoping the breakdown of the leaf debris along with wormy worm action will work some of the materials into the soil which might promote better water absorption. also, the soft fluffy layer of partially broken down leaves keeps my constant walking in the area from packing the soil down which without a fluffy leaf layer would bind all the soil bits together making it more like rock rather than soil.

this process has worked very well for me in several other areas around the yard. every once in a while, i'll give the leaves a rake and a flip to keep things from matting together. in a few months they pretty much break down. if it were a bit dryer here i would have pulled out the mower and chopped them up which helps the process even more but we are a bit mucky in this area now so the rake and flip process will have to do.

forecast calls for rain...
fingers crossed

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