Friday, December 19, 2008

social dork take two

i am cleaned up
i am dressed
i smell pretty
and i'm ready to go

i did check the invitation one last time to make sure - real sure - that the friendly celebration was indeed to occur this present evening. i have my gifts for friend gathered. i have all creatures tucked in except for opera kitty who i imagine will not wish to come in until my return later this evening.

it's good hunting weather, he's a good hunter - he'll be out a while.

my feet are pulsing - long day of work today, chicken work day. we are coming down to the wire. the chicken big chicken work days should begin to peter off as the big projects move towards completion.

the chicken run is 98% complete. two bits remain undone - one - the human door to the run - two - the secure locking chicken door to the run. the human door for now is a piece of plywood leaning up against another piece of plywood. it is in no way smartypants predator proof tonight but it will be tomorrow because tomorrow we finish the run. the chicken opening into the run is there but the latching predator proof door is not yet there. tonight the predator proof cover is a blockade made from several heavy duty floor tiles wedged in place. again, tomorrow the super duper locking door will be in and predators be damned - ya won't get in.

i did manage to get all of the wee meaties out to the run today for most of the day while i cleaned the heck out of the shed. wooof it was beginning to smell ripe. the bedding was alive, hot and cooking, composting the heck out of itself and this after only three weeks in the shed. i pulled it all out and scraped the floor with the edge of a square headed shovel. oh boy that was fun! but this dirty work does provide a pay off - excellent goods for the compost pile. i layered the pile - chickeny bedding, then leaves and back again and again until everything was distributed. bet ya ten bucks that compost pile will be 'on fire' by tomorrow. well not really on fire but a cooking compost machine, i bet i bet.

the chicks did just fine out in the yard. it was a bit of freak show getting them out for the first time. several were curious enough to venture to the edge of the chicken run door but not curious enough to step over the edge and out of the safety of what they have known as home for the past few weeks. then all of a sudden, no choice but to check things out. there were several others interested in taking a look and they pushed the others right out of their way and into the run.

oooh?? oh boy? what is this? where are we? where is everybody else? oh? hey kind of cool. oh great there's the food and water. cool i'm cool - you cool? yeah hey coooooooool.

so that's how it went for about 15 minutes. three chicks out being cool perfectly happy in the run while the rest stayed in the shed. you can guess what happened. yup the human went in and began mushing the buggers out the door. a wee bit of encouragement we'll call it. once they were all out, all was well. they were fine, comfortable for hours.

then it came time to head back in but they would not venture back up the ramp to the shed. not the ramp - we don't know what the ramp is, not doing it! so the human had to heard chickens again. this time was much funnier to watch. the space in the run being much larger than the shed allows the chicks much more running away space. ever chase a chicken? yeah not so easy. the human running around, pretty funny.

i got each and every one in and i got my exercise. i sealed the place up and started the cleaning up routine which brings me right back around to the social dorkness. pretty much time to go but i'm going to mention one more thing that i've been doing as of late.

i have been removing my email from many many mailing lists. some i joined a while back, others that i am sure i was sold to and others that i could not trace if i tried. there is a lot of junk out there that i'm not interested in. there are also goods that i am interested in but do not have the funds to support the interest so better not to be tempted and unsubscribe. it feels good to unsubscribe. it's like cleaning house - lighten the load - cutting down the noise - get the idea.

ok enough blah blahing time to go. let's see what happens tonight.

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