Friday, December 19, 2008

a social dork and a pizza pie

i planned for it. i made sure that my daily tasks were wrapped up in time for clean up, spiff up and the drive into austintown for a friendly celebration. i did well. i hit all time marks. i found the location of the party not arriving too early ( i thought) nor arriving too late. one thing seemed odd - all of the lights were off. a surprise party maybe? no, the celebrated individual was a huge part of inviting the guests - not a surprise party. ah something else is odd - there are no other cars near the property. hmmm something must be wrong.

i looked at the address again. correct
i looked at the numbers on the side of the house. correct
i looked at the street sign. correct
i looked at my watch for time. correct
i looked at my watch for date - Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

brilliant brilliant brilliant
- dork of the universe arrives to the party and entire day EARLY -

i wish i could say this is the first time my social dorkness has kicked my butt but it's not. ah well, i sucked it up. funny though, the first thought i had was about gas - my conscious kicked in but i knew i would be back again to celebrate the party as scheduled because i truly value this friend and rarely, rarely do i go out socially. just ask my brother, he has his own private mission to get me out and about more often - bless him.

so what's a socially awkward dork to do? well i texted my buddie to see if she was available - nope out with others, cool.

i landed at my favorite pizza joint - home slice pizza - on south congress. i ordered a beer (guinness) and a pizza pie (cheese only - i like my pie simple) to go. i then sat outside and enjoyed a bit of live music while waiting for the pie. i figured i'd give my brother a call to let him know that i tried. bless the brother again, he congratulated me and made sure i would give the real party a second shot. i could only laugh and laugh and laugh but i promised that i would give the real party a second shot.

the pizza took about 45 minutes because the place was packed but it was a beautiful night and i was thankful for the beer, the music and the pretty holiday lighting displays in site. the pizza people called out my name, i traded in my pint glass for the pie and headed out to the car. i then did what i usually do. i enjoyed two slices on the way home. it's that good and the drive is nearly 45 minutes so why not? got to get it while it's hot right?

once home, i packed up the goods for later enjoyment. i think pizza pie and beer for my birthday sounds just perfect. it's only a few days away and will be worth the wait.

moral of the story - when life gives you social dorkness go ahead and enjoy a beer and a pizza pie!


Miss Ash said...

Hahaha!! I adore you! I'm a social dork sometimes, too!!

Stonehead said...

I once visited Crete for a holiday and had such a good time that I lost track of the date. When I arrived at the airport to catch my flight home, I discovered I was two days late.

And I once went to the wrong wedding. I only realised when the wrong bride and father came up the aisle. Fortunately, no one noticed I shouldn't have been there!

shellywoman said...

stonehead, i love it. thank you for sharing. i bet there are some other fabulous stories out there waiting to be told.

happiest of holidays to you, your family, the boys, and the piggies. keep warm it's looking bitter chilly there.