Sunday, December 7, 2008

slick chick meatie pad

who says that meatie chickens cannot enjoy a super hip wee chick pad rehab? the meatie pad was in need for updates and today proved to be the day for the upgrade.

in an earlier entry, i - she hippychick - had first off attempted to create a short me and the feed on one side/meaties on the other barrier in the shed from a spare window screen hanging about. it worked well for several days. then one morning, i discovered that the meaties had pecked right through the screen. barrier no more, metaphor of barrier only. the barrier needed replacing but time was short as the week's work schedule grew hectic.

saturday brought a terrible aching head - no hammering or cutting - my head would have split. so the day passed by and still the meaties were pecking away at the 'no longer a barrier barrier'. today feeling still a bit raw in the skull but knew that something had to be done before the buggers grew too large and adventurous. they may charge the shed door if older. i had to make these fixes while they were still plenty content to locate themselves in the shed.

so out came the hand saw, the screw gun, the measuring tape, the staple gun and my trusty building pencil. i headed into the shed to take a number of measurements. once all the boards were cut and ready to assemble, i began the slow replacement of the old barrier with the new room partition.

the meaties surprised the heck out of me. they were not bothered a bit by my working and lucky for all of us it was a beautiful warm sparkling day. i was able to leave the shed door open without chilling the meaties too much. they ran about and they slept and they poked a me every now and again but mostly, once they were used to my working, slept. yup, they just all dropped down and took forty winks. amazing i thought considering what kind of chaos is celebrated during the daily filling of the feeders and water exchange. i guess one never can tell.

my elsewhere located chickenchica layer ladies are not phased by my construction projects either. hmm? maybe it entertains them.

anyway - the rahab is complete and it looks great. the new barrier is just short of 6'. it has a built in door which will require one more fix. i did not account for the fact that the front door to the shed is shorter in height than the door i put in for the meaties so when i open the meatie door, it gets caught not quite half way against the opening of the front shed door. ooops! this is how you learn right? it's how i learn anyway.

the fix is not crazy. i'll have to saw a diagonal bit of the meatie door corner so that it can slip under the opening for the shed's front door. can't picture it? i'll get photos in the morning when there is better light. there is enough room for me to slip through now but it would be nicer if i could open the door further. we will be working on that this next week. for now, it does the job.


zippy said...

since you are doing meaties, you ought to listen to today's vinyl cafe. cbc'c version of the prairie home companion. they often are re-broadcast on pbs, maybe even down in tx, but not too sure how that works. stuart was talking about raising a 'heritage turkey' for christmas dinner. i got home and couldn't get out of the car until he was finished. just too too funny.

and heritage turkeys are interesting too for a 'larger' project.

shellywoman said...

don't get the vinyl cafe down here. i wonder do they broadcast via internet? i'll have to check that out.

shellywoman said...