Monday, December 22, 2008

sharing and having a great time doin' so

it's been a good day. i spent some of it cleaning up farmy creature universe, some it cleaning up human, kitty universe and some of out of doors just wandering about.

as i wandered i thought of my neighbors. i thought of them as a group and then thought of each as individuals. what makes them who they are, how they are as family, how they are as friends, as neighbors, as parents, a community members and as they are when they don't know i'm looking.

i'm lucky to be surrounded by a great number of exceptional human beings, a fantastic number of doggy buddhas, a wide array of sage like felines, chattering cheerful avian flirts and curious squirrels, skunks and raccoons. the worms in the garden are miraculous and the buggy bugs, the bees, the lizard lizards, the froggy toads and the artistic web weavers are pleasant companions.

we are blessed to be here, just where we are, around those we are around i thought.

after the wander, i poured a beer, popped on some of my favorite austin musician - matt the electrician (check him out!) and started baking. i started baking different bits for different folks depending on who they were and what i pondered they might enjoy. i collected eggs for gifting, coffee for those busy folk friends, movie passes for the kiddos and not so kiddo kiddos and wrote up cards for each. the act feels good, the sharing is a joy. the music and beer kept me humming and my booty shakin'.

now all the baking is done and cooling on the counter. i'm on the super softy sofa. matt the electrician has my foot tapping. check out matt - check him out. he's one of my favorite human singers. he's right up there with birds and rushing water and that's pretty high praise from me.

maybe another wander or maybe another beer...

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