Monday, December 29, 2008

poo on yooo - nah nah - poo on meee

did you guess?
did you?
here's a hint...
notice the dark matter
pile it on, hope for hot insides, watch it steam, then spread it out

yup yup
it is turn the compost day
i've got a good three piles going. i ripped each and every one of them apart organizing the composty bits by size. not kidding i truly did, just me and my trusty garden fork. that was job enough for a day but i kept going. after everything was distributed about by size and type of material (leaf, hay, branches, dirty stuff, almost ready bits, etc) i layered new piles that should be smoking hot by morning. there were already bits sending off steam when i tore them apart so all should go real well. the chicken poo packs a killer composting punch. they look great and like they might all be ready in a month or so. we'll see.

i've got to find a spot for the next pile though, the meatie chicken clean up bits keep coming and i don't want to pile the current piles so high that they begin to compact. right now they are light and airy - composting perfection.

there's a new outer space hatch for the meaties. the hatch leads to their run of which only a few are still venturing forth. i need more chicken astronauts - where are the bloody brave ones? i guess i should be ok with the fact that they do love their interior living space - that is good. it seems the perfect size even with their current rapid growth.

maybe they are playing with me. they come out when i go in and they go in when i come out. don't know.

wee lame chick is doing very well! i had her out of her special home today and she was standing on both feet. not moving forward or back too much but definitely stood on her legs without wobbling or setting down for a good five minutes. i have witness her limping about in her private home, she's a bit unsteady and tires quickly. i think a few three or four more days and she'll be ready to take up life with the greater group again. if not, we'll just keep watching until she is ready. she is definitely improving and that's great news.

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