Wednesday, December 24, 2008

one wee lame chick

reason number 505 to spend a little time with your chickens each day
- you'll notice when things that should be right are not just so -

a case in point is my discovery of a wee chick with a lame leg. i was inside roughing up the bedding before throwing down new bedding which usually excites as the wee chicks to run about and such. all were doing just that except for one. so i checked in with the wee chick to see what was what?

i'm going to call her a she - even though i don't know if she is a he or he a she. she seemed perky and bright, her eyes were clear but she would not get up so i lifted her a bit. she wagged her wings with great energy and let out some healthy peeps but when i set her back down i realized that she had a lame right leg. so i pulled her out from the group, set up a nice comfy bed for her in a large plastic bin, set her up with feed and water of which she went after right away and kept drinking before settling for a nap - good sign!

time passes as chickenmama researches lame chickeny possibilities at the following excellent sites both of which gave me much to think about and detailed bits to look for:

she seemed very comfortable with my little inspections - no peeping - almost as if she knew i was trying to help out. i decided that i needed to do more chickeny research myself before prodding further. i put a few drops of vet rx and vitamin drops into her water for good measure. i don't know how long she's been without water or feed so best to give her the vitamin boost. she seems to be eating and drinking healthy amounts which eases my worry. she seems in good spirits and she's comfortable and warm where she is at.

my gut tells me she has a bruised leg. i've got some more looking to do before i know for sure. i'll ask my chicken smart neighbor for his point of view later today as well. at the moment, he is hosting a holiday brunch. i'll know more later today.

now it's real, hippychickenfarmer working a not so perfect everyone 100% healthy chicken farm. i knew there would be the day when the chickeny nurse would have to take part - today is the day. hey i'm happy to help the wee ones, whatever it takes, we'll get this she chick back to her running around bobbing self. we'll do what we can anyway.

take care of your babies, no matter how old, no matter from which creature sort.

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