Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ok now this is crazy - 82 to 29 - no way


i did not believe it. high today of 78˚f then dropping down to 29˚f tonight? really? well the weather folk are holding steady but the high at the current moment is 82˚f. down to 29 will be a huge drop. i don't know if i have ever experienced a temperature flux like this before.

i turned the heat lamp off in the meaties shed. it was just creeping towards way too hot in there. i will be watching the temps and make sure to turn the light back on before the temps reach 45˚f out of doors. that way the lamp can balance out the in door/out of doors effect. at least i hope so. i will have to feel it out.

it's actually quite nice with the warm air today. i spent some time outside sitting quiet in hopes of cooking off some of my ills. the sun felt good on my bones but the bright light was playing hard on my vision. sadly it proved too much for my current state. i turned the radio off earlier as the sound was thumping my brain. my body is on protest. not too much light, not too much movement, not too much sound, blah blah blah. my ears have filled up and i think i am one day away from the big heavy. then i hope, oh please i hope, i will be on the path toward recovery.

enough of the sixty pound wobbly head, i have things that need doing!

for now i guess i better stick with toast and tea, toast and tea, toast and tea.

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Miss Ash said...

That sounds like Colorado weather for you!
Eek to the sinuses as the barometric pressure changes! Feel better soon, Hippiechick!