Monday, December 15, 2008

the meaties take three

well we have stepped up the meatie digs yet again. they have now graduated to full size feeder, a full size galvanized waterer and a full size three tiered roost.

what of the wee feeder on the left? gone baby gone gone gone. awaiting the next round of meaties.

the graduating up has proved positive. the shifting around of goods has actually created more floor space for the fast growing wee buggers.

gone are the two smaller waterers, the starter roost and the cinder blocks they once rested on. the big chicky waterer and feeder both hang above the floor and the new tiered roost takes up very little floor space. it's actually quite nice in there. i'm not nearly as worried for space as i was earlier this morning.

i've decided to shift from the use of wood chip bedding to raked dried up leaves. it's time to use more of what is on hand to save a few bucks and to get them ready for the big transition to the universe outside of the shed. plus, leaves smell great, they are nature, great for compost and we have plenty of them. the creatures took to them right off, scratching and cooing. yes indeed, i said cooing. baby's first coos, must be feeling pretty good in the place, cutiepies.

i know i know don't fall for them. i can still think they are cute. i have not named a one. not even the layers; though i have seeded the thought of their naming. that to come later.

neighborman was a kind and generous delivery man today. he's contributing pipes, the kind used for a chain link fence, and plywood. he brought the goods over in his pickup and now they sit in waiting of my labor contribution. also in the truck, a hole digger - fun fun fun we are getting closer to a meatie chicken run.

now to work. gotta make some bucks.

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