Thursday, December 25, 2008

holiday mornin' round the hippychick universe

a few more faces around the place on this holiday morn

bunny staying cozy this christmas morn. has not yet seen what hippychick santa has gifted him with; chard and carrots and greens - oh boy!

the chickenchicas enjoying their holiday greens, swiss chard, sweet peppers and grass cuttings

the toasty fire hippychick will enjoy a sit by later today

the two boy kitties - mr. t and opera are napping
we'll get photos of the beauty sleepers later - for now, i want not want to disturb

we are keeping it simple round here

happy holidays folks
from the hippychick universe

hey check out hippychickenfarmer @ youtube later today for an up to date look at the creatures in our hippychick universe. i am uploading videos now so it may be a while before they all appear. check in anytime.

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