Tuesday, December 23, 2008

happy birthday to me!

born on the day of prophets

don't know if they got that one right in my case
- just the same -
here i am, here i be, i hope there are many more days for me

so what to do on a day like this? misty and cool and perfect for mooshy ground?
plant strawberry plants - plant onion starts - move about some of my growing cabbage babies, lettuce babies, put in some raddichio, mustard greens, kale, kohl rabi, asparagus and maybe even some taters.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chick!

What? No “Spring Chicken”, comments on your birthday. For someone with a love of poultry it would only seem fitting!

Joking aside - wish you happiness on this day.

Been a couple weeks of minus 30. Can’t even keep beer outside in this weather. Today it warmed up to minus 19 and felt balmy.

I will save Christmas wishes for another day, as I’m sure, when you were a kid, you had enough people rolling your birthday, and Christmas into one.

All the best. Take care and stay cool.

shellywoman said...

hey stranger!

thank you. you are the first spring chicken remark. ha ha ha

minus 30 oh boy, yeah you don't want for your beer to explode that would be a tragedy. keep your beer and yourself warm and dry. i know folks in your area keep getting pummeled.

happiest of holidays to you. travel safe, hug your family and share love.

thanks again!

Miss Ash said...

Happy birthday, dear!!