Monday, December 22, 2008

got a lot to do slow cooking chicken stew

- slow cooking now at the hippychick ho, ho, homestead -
the got a lot to do
red rice red quinoa
you can make it your own chickeny stew stew

this is what you'll need -
  • 8 chickeny drumsticks or thighs or whatever cut you like - i like dark meat
  • 2 quart jars of canned tomatoes or 2 large cans of stewed tomatoes
  • 1 large onion cut up a bit chunky
  • two good handfuls of your favorite mushrooms - i keep mine whole
  • 4 garlic cloves chopped up
  • 1 cup of good chicken broth or hearty red wine if you like or even beer!
  • a hearty dash of sea salt
  • 15 good turns from the pepper grinder or more if you are me
  • a handful of your favorite spices - provence for me
  • 1 cup red himalayan rice*
  • 1 cup red quinoa*
*note - you can replace the red rice for brown, black, white, purple, barley whatever you have.

here is what you do. this one is easy!
  • place everything except for the rice and half of your herb mix into the slow cooker
  • put the slow cooker on low and leave it to be for 6 hours, more is ok if you are going to bed
after the 6 hours -
  • check to see if the chicken is falling off the bone - if so, pull all of your chickeny pieces out of the mix and cool before removing the bones. really now, let the chicken cool a bit first otherwise you might experience some ohh! ohh! ahh! ah! hotty hot hot burning action - we don't want that.
  • add your rice into the slow cooker*
  • *you may add additional stock or water here for the rice in case things are looking dry but i've not ever had too. the tomato juice, chicken juice and broth have always proved enough but you judge for yourself and do what needs doing.
  • refresh your herbs by placing the other half in the slow cooker with the rice
  • return the chicken meat to the slow cooker - no bones
  • if you like you can throw in more pepper and garlic here too
  • cover the cooker, keeping it on the low setting
  • cook until the rice is done
  • that's it, serve it up with a good crusty bread and enjoy!
there is plenty here to easily feed a family of four or to share with friends or bring as part of a pot luck and if you are blessed enough to have any left overs, this one only gets better as the flavors continue to mingle.

- the options are yours -

you do not have to use cut up chicken parts. throw in the whole bird if you like or use only white meat parts if that's your thing.

feel free to substitute hearty root veggies for rice. rutebega, carrots and/or taters would be great - add them in at the same stage as you would add the rice - after the chicken is cooked otherwise you'll have some pretty soggy worn out veggies.

you may prefer artichoke hearts rather than the fungii if you are not a mushroom lover. in that case throw in some capers, wine and fresh shelled beans. be creative! it's your stew.

if you are adding dried beans you'll need to soak the dried beans in water for at least 4-6 hours prior to the start of the stew. rinse them first and then add them in at the top of the cooking cycle making sure you always have enough liquid for the beans to cook in. and and and, if using dried beans, do not add the salt until the beans are fully cooked.

if you would rather avoid meat, you can cut the chicken all together and use veggies and veggie broth. fyi - quinoa is a gluten free, full protein grain, if you have never tried it do. you'll be hooked.

if you are really crafty, pull some of the juice make a batch of polenta and mmmmm enjoy.


you can serve the whole thing without rice or veggies a top of thickly thickly cut crusty hearty bread - throw some grated cheese over the top - aha! and you are done. oh that sounds good too.

remember it is the make it your own chickeny stew stew
do what you do to make it right for you

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Miss Ash said...

Oh now, this is WONDERFUL!!!!
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