Thursday, December 18, 2008

at last rain rain rain

mist hanging in the air
raining only for a minute
fog hanging low

7:oo pm update

actually it ended up raining a lot today. around 5pm the sky opened up and down dropped gallons upon gallons of aqua fresca. it was truly wonderful. i opened up the garage door, pulled the car out to the drive - free car wash you know - and then went back inside the garage and had a sit with opera kitty to watch the rain come down. this is the first bit of rain that we've had in months. bless the rain gods of the universe.

the timing was perfect. today's rain settled in all of the plantings put in today.
  • 2 asian pear trees - my birthday present to self
  • 3 blackberry sticks - split off from mama blackberry
  • 3 artichoke roots - babes from my current chokes
  • 2 camellia bushes - pink and salmon orange beauties
  • swiss chards that i moved from an overcrowded area
  • crimson clover seed just thrown down today - cover crop & good for bees
  • winter field pea seed - cover crop & good for bees
the rain should also help to settle the aluminum poles i planted for the not so wee meatie chicken run fence support. pictures of the run in progress are to come. this run is not intended to be a permanent structure. not yet anyway. this run is the oh my how they've grown - ALREADY - we need to allow these babes some fresh ground for scratching run, run. i think the construction of this run will teach me what i need for the permanent structure. i do like it's size and shape and it fits real nice where it is right next to the wee chick shed.

hmmm? next to the shed? no plan b - move them to the garage? nope - don't have to move on plan b after all though i do in the long run think that plan b could be an excellent plan. plan a works now in the short term. plan a keeps present things simple and gives me time to really plan out plan b - the inner garage coop with access to the never going to use space space behind the garage for a new bigger better chicken run. no rushing, no panic attacks and no slapping something together. it's better this way and i'm thankful for the planning time.

anyway - back to the run

i hope to get the remainder of the vertical run (the walls and digging deterrent) finished tomorrow. i don't know if i'll get a roof something in tomorrow, could be a push considering i don't quite know how i'm going to fashion the roof yet - maybe bird netting but the run is right next to a tree and i don't think bird netting will stop a leaping raccoon. it's going to have to be stronger. every step a learning process.

finishing the run requires
  • the attaching of the poles to the plywood - i will need to pick up a metal drill bit and a 3/8 hex screw head before that will happen.
  • the attaching of the chicken wire to the poles
  • the building of some sort of chicken run door for humans
  • the masterminding of the chicken run roof - got some ideas - though not set yet
  • the cutting of the chicken door in the shed
  • the making of a masterful open and close the chicken door contraption
  • the building of the chicken ramp - door to run - actually this is done!
  • the setting of a digging deterrent around the perimeter of the run for creatures other than the chickeny sort.
and then there is the idea of the dry run on the opposite side of the shed - i call it the dry run because the floor surface would be concrete. why two runs? well why not? double the space for the wee buggers and if the dirt run is too soggy and icky, i can still allow them to run in the dry run which i will bed with hay. fresh air for the babes either way.

the dry run will be easier for me to build. i've done that type of thing before so i know a bit more of what not to do. ah and now the ideas are raging. here we go - a look inside the brain - just a moment.
ah and if i build the dry run with a sloping roof, i'll be able to attach the gutters from the shed and the garage to the large water tank saving water from two structures rather than just one. then i can use the water in the large water tank to irrigate the back garden, the fruit trees and maybe the perimeter gardens on the fence line. ugh that will require a lot of digging - but it would be worth it. and/or i could create a sloping roof on the dirt run which would send water directly into the back garden or i could set up a feed to rain barrels and use that water for a gravity fed chicken waterer - oh oh oh get the picture?
yup that's how the brain goes sometimes. goes until i finally drop off to sleep or have to go to work or to venture out to celebrate a friend for just being herself which is what i plan on doing right now. celebrating a cool chica. too da loo!

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