Saturday, December 27, 2008

careful what you wish for

no rain yet... beautiful mild temperatures hangs in the air and the soft air tempts a gardener like myself to start throwing down seeds that should stay in packages for at least another month or so. temptation temptation, all gardeners understand the wanting to plant early.

this weather of late is great for gardening and yard work tasks that usually wait a month or so and it's not only tempting me but friends in the neighborhood too. have we got trouble on our hands or could we plant - oh the trouble it could be. all of this mild weather leads me to one question.

what the heck in our weather universe is going on?

have i forgotten that this it is often this warm central texas each winter? i do remember mowing the lawn one christmas day but also hold vague memories of that being a fluke. i remember fires in the fireplace and hot drinks in warm clothes on the front porch. not this year? not so far anyway.

yeah we've had a few cold days but not too many and frankly we need a bit of cold at least the fruit trees do and the nut trees do and probably a whole number of other vegetative creatures do. in order for a good fruit/nut set, we need some chilling hours so bring it on weather universe, bring it on. i may be asking for trouble here but what the heck? could be that i just don't get or refuse to get this central texas weather?

it's december, it should be colder or at least my body clock says so. i miss the colder weather. yes i do. we get so darn little of it down here that you've got to enjoy the short season while it lasts. we get plenty of hot here, too much hot as far as i'm concerned. please weather gods please bring on the chill, a cooler breeze. help us set for the fruiting trees.

careful what you wish for...

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