Saturday, December 20, 2008

back to plan b - the meaties home is done!

you here me say quite frequently - "well you don't know until you try" - and oh how true it is.
we traveled back or rather forward to meatie housing plan b today. the subtle but superior meatie chicken universe.

sometimes you just have to admit to yourself that plan a is a bust and move on no matter how much work plan a took.

plan b gives us
  • larger housing - the meaties are growing fast fast fast
  • out of the way of the neighbors - giving everyone their own space
  • access to a run also of a larger size with more privacy
  • easy access for feeding, watering and cleaning
  • easy to keep warm being inside the garage
  • built in a way to not draw too much attention to itself - stealth coop
walla! here it is!
the new six foot by twelve foot floorplan
can you see the little buggers through the door?
they are there- click on the photo to enlarge.
also seen here is my wicked red white wall tire bicycle

ahhh, a sigh and easier breathing. now they just grow.
the hippychickenfarmer universe is in balance.

note to self - keep the next round of meaties to a count of twenty
for us around here, twenty is plenty

this coop would not have been possible without the invaluable help from my neighbor. it was wonderful to have his talent and skills on project. thank you cool neighbor, thank you.

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