Monday, September 1, 2008

tiny living in the big city

small place small space but enough - just right like the third bear's chair. tiny stove, tiny sink, tiny counter, tiny everything but enough enough enough. got the shopping done, an effort to keep the city feeling more home than away.

organic veggies from the farmers - oh and a melon too as they are well in season and boy do i know how to spot the good ones. growing your own anything will teach you that. i carefully shopped organic everything - honey, coffeecoffee, peanut butter, blueberry jelly, apple juice, raisins, plain yogurt, flax meal, milk, eggs, oatmeal and whole wheat pie crust, fresh mushrooms of various sort and fresh baked bread and goat cheese of a local variety.

peanut butter and jelly with a dash of honey sandwich for dinner last night. brewed a pot of coffee last night to chill for this morning's iced javacoffee wakerupfellas cuppa. i baked the mushroom goat cheese in a whole wheat crusty quiche this morning. looked at the oatmeal and raisins but decided rather to go for a melon yogurt honey flax meal smoothie. hooked on these babies now - most probably one of my better chosen vices.

walked and walked and walked. visited near to five community gardens, amazing the joy i experienced while treading lightly. witnessed a clever squirrel thieving a nearly ripe mater. oohhhhh that boy better watch out. had the guts to eat it in the wide open - shifty fellow. wonder if he was thinking, "i'm not thieving, i'm taking it, you see me, i see you, when opportunity knocks in the big city, take it and i did." hmmm i let him to his lunch.

today i got up early early and walked and walked and walked and walked again. plenty to see, plenty to listen too. i thought about digging. i miss digging. thought about doing some guerrilla composting. still thinking on it. might just do it. compost my goods right into some city dirt somewhere. i'm sure i'll not be the only one. if i chicken out, i'll walk it over to one of the community gardens and toss it in their pile. chicken chicken.

chicken chicken. have not seen any live ones yet. there's still plenty of time. i search with my ears. i figure i'll hear them before i see them. there must be some chicken hearted folk around town. so many folk here, there's gotta be.

question - can i keep my sustainable self sustainable in the big city for one month?
my bet is yes yes yes
this adventure begins.

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