Wednesday, September 10, 2008

still here lovely peeps

hey folks!
thanks for stopping in. i'm still here, just in the midst of intense work sessions. there a good persons in company, the skies are blue, we experienced a furious pouring rain yesterday, sleep has been intermittent and walks have been long.

life is good in the big city
moving forward, moving forward

more soon


Anonymous said...

Hello Chick. I hope all is okay. The newspapers say storms have hit Texas. Hopefully, where you are, Ike only blows leaves into the neighbors yard.

Picked some big red spuds today. Covered my tomatoes, the sky is clear and the moon is threatening. I expect frost.

If you are still in the city and haven’t already, drink red wine and listen to jazz. It’s the only thing that keeps me sane when surrounded by pavement and buildings.

Take care, and stay cool.

shellywoman said...

milky and soft sweet things that they are. the idea of your fresh spuds live divine in my mind.

frost - oh i would welcome one myself. i believe i adore crisp air more than any other type.

i must admit, i am going a bit insane in the city. i've been slurping beer myself - maybe i'll give the red wine a go. being in the village, jazz has not been hard to find. i think the long walks are doing the best job in efforts towards city sanity.