Sunday, September 14, 2008

quick out and back

heading home this morning for a few days.

rest, heck no - more of the flying from one job to the next and back again. this is a hectic month and next month will prove to be much of the same.

so far i'm holding steady - so far... chin up, positive thinking and a steady go go go drive keeps me smiling. though, get a bit closer and you'll see that my eyes do not lie - i am tired. i could use some good sleep and i could probably do with a bit more daily water intake.

i've decided to travel comfortable today. sweats, t-shirt and running shoes. i have my backpack, my girlygirl bag and a small shopping bag with enough clothes for the next few days - all in need of a good washing which they will get once home. i thought about traveling with the whole suitcase but thought better not in the case flights delay which as many of you know has been my fate as of late. follow me and i will lead you to the next delayed flight. i've learned that the checking of luggage can make or break a quick switch from one flight to the next. so i'm a bit of a bag lady today but i've got all that i need and whatever else i'll have waiting back at home. uggh, i can tell already it is going to be hard to leave again. so it goes, so it goes.

the past few days have been packed steady, work work work with a little outside time here and there. i must say, unless i can get out more than less in city scapes, i feel like a boxed in creature which is not for me. oh no. i'm craving fresh air, craving dirt, craving plants, trees, creatures happy chickenchicas and talking kittyboys. it will be good to be home even if the time there is short.

some have wondered how we in the hippychick universe fared through hurricane ike. well folks, just fine, or so i hear. i 'll know more this afternoon but the weather details show only wind and a .06 inch of rain. i'd say that's pretty much a blow over.

time to search out a bit of breakfast before the flight.

cheers to all and happy trails.

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