Friday, September 5, 2008

all is well

funny the varied responses the last entry received. some folks thought i might be letting off steam while others thought i might be sad and others angry. well i will clarify to say that of each, anger was the least of the driving forces. yes, i was letting off some steam, and yes sometimes i get a little sad here and there but even yesterday, sad was not a word that came to mind while typing away nor is it the word i would use to describe my state today.

more than anything, this is about what i am seeing around me at this particular time and place. i am trying to remain open to who i have been and the actions toward efforts of solution in the past - some working and some falling flat. i'd rather not to repeat failed efforts and to avoid doing so, one must first realize which worked and which did not.

anyway - i'm pondering. i'm not sad sad, maybe a little but nothing crazy. i'm not feeling real angry though i do have some bits in life i have yet to work through fully. mostly i'm happy and i'm in a place of learning. i think it's important.

hey maybe this is the decade check in.

more later - got catch up on some work.

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