Tuesday, September 30, 2008

oh wait until you hear the details of this one

so i propose to my neighbors today a way to get through the harder times with ease, fun and sustainability in mind. i thought i might need to push a bit before folks might consider biting but no! they all bit right off and seem to be as excited as i am at the prospects.

i could not believe it. here it is i'm just off the plane and bam! folks are on the bus and ready to dive in.

i'll update you tomorrow. got to get some sleep.
we'll be the coolest neighborhood in texas, i'm telling you
nothing like folks working together. we are creating our own sustainable village. here's one bit. we're going to raise a few more chickens. i just ordered them. ooohhhhh!!!!!

rock on!
old ways = visionary future

waste not want not - priorities in tight economic times

money getting tight - are you shifting your priorities in these tight economic times?
what's changing for you?
i am curious.
for me it means
  • continuing my efforts on the adventure to sustainable happiness
  • staying put rather than making a big move
  • keeping an eye on family
  • letting family folk know they have a place to stay if they find themselves in need of refuge
  • helping others out when i can
  • planting more potatoes, carrots, beets and other hearty storage type veggies
  • plant more chard for the egg laying chicken chicas - they love it
  • putting up the harvest - waste not want not
  • considering the possibility of raising meat chickens for the first time
  • considering the purchase of a storage freezer
  • cook up soups, stews, lasagna's, chili's and other good whole foods that feed multiple peeps multiple meals, are freezer worthy and taste better as the flavors mature.
  • bring lunch and dinner to work - no more expensive, tempting, bad for you foods
  • learn how to brew stout, porter, and hearty brown ales - brotherman i need you're expertise here! are you reading?
  • time to build a solar oven for weekend cooking
  • inspecting home insulation and fixing any areas that are worse for the ware
  • sealing all windows and doors before the cooler weather hits
  • keeping the water heater's temperature on low
  • monitoring energy use at home and finding ways to cut back further
  • get out the sewing machine and find creative and fun ways to update clothing and home goods
  • get out the knitting needles - friends and folk love special home knitted goods
  • felt those old wool sweaters and sew up some mittens, hats, gloves and cushy change purses
  • consider using old clothes as the base for a lived in quilt or two
  • plan now for holiday gifts and begin making them
  • paying off debts in order to reduce longer term stress
  • save more and spend less - if i can, when i can
  • find ways to purchase home goods in bulk to save a few pennies
  • maybe create a bulk purchase group/coop with neighbors in order to save money on basic goods. buy in bulk, split the goods into manageable lots for daily use, reduce waste.
truth is that i do much of this already but sometimes (more times than i should) i go for the easy way out. nothing like tight funds to keep you honest. this is where i will be starting - how about you?

plan ahead, learn how to grow a bit of your own food and hard times won't feel so hard.

our needs are simple
- food - shelter - family - love -
be good to your neighbors
be charitable where you are able

Sunday, September 28, 2008

oh what a night

ok, i must say that it's pretty freaking amazing when the human that a stage character is based upon comes up to you on the opening night and raves in your face about the artistic craftsmanship that you as designer have employed in the process of storytelling. in fact i know no higher compliment.

my night is made.
it happened
and the language by this particular human was of high intelligence, knowledgable of stagecraft and insightful due to the fact that she had lived the part.

the phrase - "beyond the depths of my imagined reality" - f-yeah! what an honor.

who cares what the critics say - the one who lived it felt it - that's what matters. well maybe not to the money folk or the producer folk but you never know - sometimes great things happen and rules once followed change.
thank you.

but the biggest truly deeply most important part of the night is that i had family and good good friends in company to share the evening with. thank you so much for being there folks, you made the day, evening, the whole lot very special.

what is this all about? click on the graphic up above and see.
opening night - september 28, 2oo8.

hey, if you are a new yorker?
see this freaking show!!!!
it will kick your booty.
miss it and you'll be sorry.

a good read - free yourself

just finished this read. it's a good one for all you fight the power of money ruling my life folk out there. time is money right? what a concept? !*$#@!*

well here's a thought, give up a bit of money and gain the more valuable of the two concept back - time!!!

this is not a book about being lazy, rather this is a book about common daily sense and reminders about those little tasks most of us can accomplish with near to no training that would lead toward a more quality filled life. quality not quantity that is the premise.

i dug it. i do not agree 100% with every word penned but that does not take away the value between the covers. be prepared, there are some definite political views touching the topic matter. i personally follow a similar belief system but not all of you may. pick this book up. if anything, you might find the casual writing style amusing as well as the historical, textual references to many of history's great ponderers.

i can give this one a big two thumbs up and would highly recommend you keep this baby in the bathroom. it's a good browse for the lou. reading chapter 1 before 2 before 3 etc. is not required. so dig in.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

ukrain eats in the east village

if you're staying in the east village of ny and enjoy slavic-ukranian-eastern european chow, eat here - veselka - on the corner of second avenue and ninth street.

it's been my everyday, all times of the day eating spot during this current big city visit. the menu covers breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can get any of the above at any time of day.

i'm a huge sucker for a hot bowl of cabbage soup, a true blue cheese blintz with sour creme and apples and a bowl of borscht (hot or cold) along side of some toasted challah bread. i've not yet tried them but have seen many a pyrohy - pierogi cross the counter on their way to hungry folk and none returned for lack of satisfaction. i am happy to report that their coffee ain't bad either.

the atmosphere is casual and bright as the corner spot is lined with windows. be aware that it's busy as heck 24 hours a day. it's that breakfast place that you search for when out of town, you know, the one with the line out the door. it's crazy busy so it must be good. well this one line out the door or not is good, more than good.

if you're traveling with friends grab a table, and if you're like me traveling solo take a seat at the bar. i find the service at the bar quite excellent, not once did i have to ask for a water refill or an iced coffee refill, one of the waitstaff was right on it. and unlike some of the other big city restaurants, this group of waitstaff cover for each other. what does that mean? well it means they look out for the whole lot of the eating guests and not just their own. this means you get service service service.

if you want to know more, check out this amazing listing of slavic restuarants in new york at the bolg slavs of new york.

and here's a cool nytimes article you don't want to miss
dumplings for the lord
- and article about women practicing old ways in a new world -

Thursday, September 25, 2008

flying east for a few

back in the big city. this round staying down in the east village on the edge of alphabet land. seedycool.

off to rehearsal i go

turning those lights on and off and on and off and off and on.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

chicken play chicken tag day

planted some seed and watered the babies in to the soft cool ground this early morning. it felt good pulling back the soil to see teams of earthworms doing what they do best, excavating soil.
- carrots - raddish - beets - cabbage -

soon i'll plant in some spinach and another patch of greens, carrots and beets. never ever can i have enough beets. those that i don't eat right off make excellent treats of the pickled sort.

spent some morning time out with the chickenchica ladycreatures this morning. they were just full of it and chatting up a storm. running here, trotting there, up on the perch, off the perch, just full of excited happy energy. i think we were playing chase in truth but since this would be my very first time in game with chickenchica's, i cannot say for sure.

well somewhere in the fun, saffron decided it was time to lay her morning egg. to my surprise, this little girl, sat down, dropped the egg and was up and about just like that. my guess is that this sudden frisky turn has something to do with the cool morning air or maybe it more simple than that. maybe they just wanted to play. either way, i had a great time.

once out and about, i had to check in on the garden. good things are happening there. bees were buzzing around the blue sage, the potato sprouts are looking strong, the peppers are still goin going going and the basil is looking quite strong as well. the sweet potatoes, oh the sweet potatoes, they are taking over several of the beds. it won't be too long and we'll be digging up those sweet babies and laying them out in the warm sun to cure for a few days. let's hope i don't run into fire ants like i have in the past, that's not fun, not fun at all.

well the fellows have begun tearing down some of the rotted out siding and upon my own inspection, the underside of things looks pretty darn good. we are in luck. the insulation is in tact.

the squirrels are going bonkers these days as well. they are busy folk, storing here and there, playing chase, digging holes all over the place. i enjoy their company. i look forward to the day i'll have more time to sit outside and watch their goings on.

well for all the wondering and pondering and questioning folks. it looks like i might just stay put where i am for a while. it's been a long road and a good one. and you have not heard the last of this yet. we've got it pretty good out here in the hippychick universe. we have good neighbors, good creatures and good air. we have shelter, we have food and we have water. it can get pretty darn hot down here and i'm not a big fan of that but we are also able to provide our own foods from the garden pretty much year round and i cannot complain for that.

for now where we are is where we are is where we are.
and with that
good day

Monday, September 22, 2008

shooting thru

future greens

they are here! the little salad, chard, carrot and pea buggers are popping through. dear brave ones. you are so very welcome. i must say it's quite a joy the texas fall garden. the temperatures are cooler, the nights even more so and it just makes the being outside all the more pleasant.

ohh and the texture of this dirt is looking good too. all sorts of earthy goodness floating around.
let's play outside all day! boy that would be nice. the university calls. well, i will check in with these babies later tonight or early tomorrow.

seedlings oh dear seedlings
they cheer me every time

Sunday, September 21, 2008

first day home and what do i do?

i get home. i'm pretty darn tired and thinking that taking a nap might be the best first thing to do. nope, nope, nope.

it might have been the best first thing if i had simply walked in the door, set things down and sat for a bit. but no, i took my usual walk around the home, checking in on the girly chickenchicas, checking how the gardens are growing and if he's about, giving opera kitty a few good hugs and kisses before heading in to give the same to mr. t supercat.

i spotted the five bags of horsey poo picked up just this past week sitting by the big twin compost bins. aha! compost time. the idea of a nap disappeared as i found myself inside, changing into my messy going to move a whole lot of compost around clothing. yes, i have moving compost clothing, don't you?

well anyway, i had decided earlier this week that it was time to move the front of the yard compost pile to the outback. i'm going to have some work done this coming week on the outside of the house and the front of the yard compost pile would prove to be in the way if left it as is. so out came the garden fork, the garden barrow/cart and me. the destination for the pile - the outback garden area.

the outback garden as of today is now the super giganto compost pile.

i started by piling up trimmings from bushes and flowers on the garden area. i then unloaded two of the five bags of poo and spread that around. i then started digging the front of the yard compost pile and carted it back cart by cart by cart to the outback garden area dumping it cart by cart until the entire area had a good 18" deep thickness of compost (some ready and some still cooking down) spread. i then dumped two more bags of the horsey poo on the pile and spread that around. i then went about the yard and raked up old mulch and new fallen leaves. i then added 5 carts of the raked grass/leaves mix to the top of the pile before adding another 5 carts of compost on top of that. i finished the giganto pile off with the last bag of poo and several more carts of the grass/leaves mixture. all the while i was thinking how much easier it would be to do this with a small tractor. oh well just me and my muscles - i'm better for it. lastly, i got out the sprinkler and watered the whole pile down until good and damp.

there was still a good bit of compost in the front area that was not going to go to waste. i spread that around it's immediate area, watered it down and replanted my hydrangeas in the area. they were doing ok in the north alley but i think they'll be much happier in their new home on the southwest side. they'll get better sun and with the super fed former compost pile soil at their roots, they might just go nuts!

i made sure the plantings left plenty of room for the fix it folk to do what they need to do. what are they doing? they are replacing a good bit of siding in various areas around the home. some of the siding is cracked while other bits are rotting out and need replacement. once the siding is replace, i'll have the house painted and boy oh boy will she look super snappy once that's done.

after that - i've got to replace the fence. the poor thing as many of you know seems to always be on my fix it list. i fix a bit and in no time, other bits need fixing. there are parts of the fence that are rotted out so badly that fixing is no longer an option. i've tried to fix it all that i can. the only next best thing to do is to replace it.

so this year's extra money will go back into the house and with the economy as it is, i think this might be my best long term investment choice. i keep the home healthy and trim and i keep my biggest investment safe.

back to the day - well once i got started, i just kept going, one task leading to another. i finished raking up old mulch and fallen leaves and carted those back to the compost area. i trimmed the peach trees, the lemon tree and several flowering bushes around the yard. i picked okra, eggplant and melon today. i was lucky to score one small watermelon and several small muskmelons. i have one very healthy muskmelon vine still producing quite rapidly. it's been a stellar year for melons. lastly, i gave most of the yard a badly needed drink.

now that i'm inside, i'm bushed. i've cleaned myself up, eaten a bit and am ready to rest. best guess for what's next - early to bed, early to rise.

it's good to know that i've got a healthy 5' x 20' pile of compost outback cooking up for future plantings. i assure you, not a bit of it will go to waste. let's see which creatures will be rutting around the pile first. i am sure it will prove a popular site.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

dog tired

sleepy sleepy sleepy
i need some serious serious sleep. the body is moments from calling it quits. i will give in today fore i have no choice. barely able to keep my eyes open for this short entry. have to stay awake for a little bit longer and then i promise you, nap time.

soon very soon
i will fall over
help me rhonda
drive is one thing
this is another
this is crazy
stop stop stop stop stop stop

Thursday, September 18, 2008

if you think you can
you can

this little man follows his dream each and every day
you can too

the path of my recent pondering is shifting. i'm now exploring the opposite, considering the mirror image and looking at it's being from as many sides as i am able to imagine. it's the least i can do and seems to be a relative part of this current exploration of the now.

what i've been pondering? well i guess i'm pondering
"the where am i, where do i want to be, what do i want to do, with whom and where possibilities of life?"

along the way, i've discovered that there are many things that i love about my life, several i'm not so fond of but see possibility for bettering and others i would place in the life is too short (off to the garbage) pile. i've learned that life is always throwing out possibilities for shifting and changing but with each shift and change you often gain as much as you lose so the question is which place, situation, which opportunities, which folk fill you with the biggest happiest bits?

once you've got that figured out, which - i warn - is pretty darn hard to figure out, you move into the ok then how do i deal with the not so happy bits or how do i slowly remove the not so happy bits in order to gain even more happiness? these are hard questions. i've been digging deep, changing my mind daily at times and often feel at a complete loss but then there are days when i think about things less and tiny bits of matter surface and break water to light.

i'm not all figured out yet. don't know how long that will take. my guess is that you've got to just live and allow the living to lead the way.

so for now the opposites.
ponder like pooh...

think think think think think think think

i look to little man opera kitty for wisdom and inspiration
if you think you can
you can

i look to my sage mr. t supercat for wisdom and comfort
love and be loved

pay close attention to your creatures
they are the gods of the universe
this i believe

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

making the best of a day

ohhhh ahhhhh breath in, breath out - boy was it good to spend a night in my own bed in the company of the loving creatures of the universe on a cool evening in texas. yes, cool. the temperatures dropped to the mid sixties overnight, i was in heaven. the windows were open, the doors were opened to the screened porches and we, all slept in the fresh of the night air - soundly. that was the finish to a full day - one i was determined to make the best of.

here's how it go-ed

got up super early. drove out the ten miles to pick up 5 bags of horsey poo from a friend who saves it for me, unloaded that. placed the bags next to the double compost bin for later mixing.

pulled up the spent bean plants and one of the spent melon vines. dug in to their respective gardens enough to loosen the soil, till out weeds and ready them for the next round of planting. pulled out my box of chitted fall potatoes and put those in the ground where the beans formerly grew. i then planted seeds of carrot, mesclun salad mix with a handful of chard seeds thrown in for good future chow and down went a few cabbage seeds. watered everything in, repaired a soaker hose and then got myself inside for my own soak.

threw the laundry in the machine. threw myself in the shower, washed up, readied myself and i was off.

off to school to meet my students for the 9am studio class. that went swimmingly, truly, it was a stellar class. we covered material in depth and the conversation was truly that, conversation. they asked great questions, i gave in depth response and so it went until time was up and i was off to the next meeting and the next and the next. lucky for me there landed two spots that allowed for a quick coffee and a fairly leisure-ish lunch of vegetable soup with curly pasta bits. (35 minutes). the last student event was over by 8pm and i was off - a quick stop at the bank and then home.

noticed on the drive in the beginnings of the widening my frequently traveled country highway to six lanes. that pretty much settles my wonder of rapid growth. it's happening.

checked in on the chickenchicas, gave opera a good scratching, coiled up the garden hose and began to mow. got the yard in good shape, looking lived in in it's cutie country way. trimmed a few bushes back in order to promote future fall flowering. then in for a read of the mail.

eiikkksssss, the water and electric rates have shot through the roof. looks like my city payment will need a bit of amending in order to keep everything up to date. did not see that one coming but not surprised just the same. nothing else of great importance but a good deal insta-ready for recycling.

the cool weather was a surprise i very much enjoyed. off to bed with mr t at my side. all slept soundly. and here we are back again where we started.

garden items doing great
  • okra - really kicking hard
  • peppers - thinking of making some pickled peppers next time i'm home
  • melon - the neighbors have enjoyed the harvest
  • sweet potato - vining up real good, flowering now too
  • fall potato - first planting at just about 4" tall
  • volunteer squash - looks like i might get a few butternut squash after all

should also mention that each and every creature got a special treat for the day. the girls were given chopped melon and chopped sweet peppers. mr. t was given his very favorite treat, plain yogurt and opera kitty enjoyed some chopped boiled egg. each got big hugs and loving scratches and each were forced to endure many kisses from their chickenmama kitty loving hug monster.

i miss them already.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

quick out and back

heading home this morning for a few days.

rest, heck no - more of the flying from one job to the next and back again. this is a hectic month and next month will prove to be much of the same.

so far i'm holding steady - so far... chin up, positive thinking and a steady go go go drive keeps me smiling. though, get a bit closer and you'll see that my eyes do not lie - i am tired. i could use some good sleep and i could probably do with a bit more daily water intake.

i've decided to travel comfortable today. sweats, t-shirt and running shoes. i have my backpack, my girlygirl bag and a small shopping bag with enough clothes for the next few days - all in need of a good washing which they will get once home. i thought about traveling with the whole suitcase but thought better not in the case flights delay which as many of you know has been my fate as of late. follow me and i will lead you to the next delayed flight. i've learned that the checking of luggage can make or break a quick switch from one flight to the next. so i'm a bit of a bag lady today but i've got all that i need and whatever else i'll have waiting back at home. uggh, i can tell already it is going to be hard to leave again. so it goes, so it goes.

the past few days have been packed steady, work work work with a little outside time here and there. i must say, unless i can get out more than less in city scapes, i feel like a boxed in creature which is not for me. oh no. i'm craving fresh air, craving dirt, craving plants, trees, creatures happy chickenchicas and talking kittyboys. it will be good to be home even if the time there is short.

some have wondered how we in the hippychick universe fared through hurricane ike. well folks, just fine, or so i hear. i 'll know more this afternoon but the weather details show only wind and a .06 inch of rain. i'd say that's pretty much a blow over.

time to search out a bit of breakfast before the flight.

cheers to all and happy trails.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

still here lovely peeps

hey folks!
thanks for stopping in. i'm still here, just in the midst of intense work sessions. there a good persons in company, the skies are blue, we experienced a furious pouring rain yesterday, sleep has been intermittent and walks have been long.

life is good in the big city
moving forward, moving forward

more soon

Friday, September 5, 2008

all is well

funny the varied responses the last entry received. some folks thought i might be letting off steam while others thought i might be sad and others angry. well i will clarify to say that of each, anger was the least of the driving forces. yes, i was letting off some steam, and yes sometimes i get a little sad here and there but even yesterday, sad was not a word that came to mind while typing away nor is it the word i would use to describe my state today.

more than anything, this is about what i am seeing around me at this particular time and place. i am trying to remain open to who i have been and the actions toward efforts of solution in the past - some working and some falling flat. i'd rather not to repeat failed efforts and to avoid doing so, one must first realize which worked and which did not.

anyway - i'm pondering. i'm not sad sad, maybe a little but nothing crazy. i'm not feeling real angry though i do have some bits in life i have yet to work through fully. mostly i'm happy and i'm in a place of learning. i think it's important.

hey maybe this is the decade check in.

more later - got catch up on some work.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

clearing the mind

there are some folks in this world that take things to a place where they do not need to go. today i'll refer to this as the "big freak out". i'll also let you know that i'm not going for the big freak out. the big freak out can be driven by a number of things.
  • the next big hustle person
  • the did not do the work up front and now i'm scrambling person
  • the life is not absolutely perfect and it's your fault person
  • the why are you here early person
  • the control freak control freak person
  • the there's so much on my plate, can't handle any more bits person
  • the needs even more life drama than regular life drama person
  • the simply angry or unhappy person
  • the still learning and not comfortable with telling you so person
  • the person who simply enjoys a regular freak out
i thought about this, the big freak out, on the way to the theatre today.

i've been in prime observation mode - observation inside and out,observation of self, observation of self with others, observation of self in relationship to environment, observation of self with varied other personalities, observation of self without family creatures while on the road, observation of self in relationship to family, observation of the bits of me directly learned, taught, built in from family, observation of self alone with self, observation of self in dream state, wake state, quite state, dancing state, running state, work state - just pretty much daily observation in search of a clue to the type of person i seem to be today.

the primary questions i ask myself are
  • what do i want ?
  • what is it that i do not want?
  • how can i be a better person?
  • how do i shift the path toward that better being?
  • what can i start right now?
  • how do i structure the change to allow one step of growth to feed and/or forge another?
yes, i have been doing a lot of thinking. i do this every once in a while and often while i'm on the road. it seems the being away from the comforts of home home trigger this in me. i don't think it has anything to do with my age but then again i might be fooling myself not to think it possible. 40 years and handful of months might make me ponder, where am i now, but more likely, in my brain anyway, its just me wondering, me thinking deep.

the first thing i've learned is that i'm not one for the big freak out. it's not my way. i find myself feeling sorry for those who invite the big freak out. it requires a huge investment and explosion of energy that could, in my opinion, be resourced toward happier endeavors.

truth be told, i have in the past been the big freak out person and all i can say about that is bad news folks, bad bad news. i should also admit that, in my opinion, it took me far far too long to learn the lesson - the big freak out = wasted energy = no solution = another bit of wasted energy on another big freak out.

why does this come up? well the living in manhattan this past week has reminded me of the frenetic existence many folks live, a frenetic existence i once believed would lead me toward a bigger, better, more recognized life. i once thought, the faster i move, the better, the more busy i was the better and if ever i looked like i was slowing down or if i ever actually chose to slow down that, at that very moment, i would immediately lose all credibility and all respect from fellow colleagues and fellow business folk in my chosen field.

guess what? some of it may be true and some of it may not. the question i now ask is who runs your life? what will you allow to color the choices you make for yourself? which choices will you make in order to move towards greater happiness?

which brings me back to the questions for self.
  • what do i want ?
    • a home where quiet is possible
    • a home where light is plenty
    • a home where trees and plants can/do grow
    • a home where i can grow food for self and creatures
    • a home where we can be comfortable
    • a home where we can feel safe
    • a home where sharing happens
    • a home welcoming to friends and family
    • i want to live in a place where
      • i enjoy breathing the air
      • enjoy the morning run
      • smell the change of season
      • there are four seasons
      • i can sit outside
      • be quiet
      • be
    • i want to live smaller
  • what is it that i do not want?
    • i want not to live in the heart of a loud city
    • i want not to create a life filled with stresses i cannot remedy
    • i want not to live in a place which requires "work, work,work" in order to pay the bills
    • i want not to be separate from nature
      • stars
      • bodies of water
      • bird and insect sounds
      • dirt, grasses (wild), rock and sand
      • hills and wooded areas
      • parks with natural plantings
    • i want not to be fearful in career
    • i want not to be driven by career
    • i want not to be away from family at important times
    • i want not to be a part of any more big freak outs
  • how can i be a better person?
    • treat people as i wish to be treated
    • live smaller so that i can give more of myself to meaningful experiences
    • spend more time with family and family creatures
    • give myself a break when i stumble along the way
    • live with less - we've learned how on this adventure
    • continue the sustainable adventure
    • share more with others
    • exercise more regularly
      • which leads directly to better sleep
      • and happier days
    • let those you appreciate know so
    • refrain from speaking poorly of others
    • fix what i can
    • smile more
    • laugh more
    • listen more
    • get out and socialize more
      • though, that may be a tough one knowing the loner type that i am
  • how do i shift the path toward that better being?
    • two words - baby steps
  • what can i start right now?
    • looks like i've already started
    • more structured exercise would be helpful as it leads to clear and focused pondering time.
    • beginning the move to a smaller, less $$ resource required lifestyle
  • how do i structure the change to allow one step of growth to feed and/or forge another?
    • not sure exactly - some thoughts
      • start with one baby step
      • trust the gut
      • do not turn back
      • do not cower in fright
      • believe in self
      • use what i know
      • keep up the sustainable lifestyle
      • do not worry for what other folks think of my actions
yes indeed change is coming. i can smell it. i can feel it and i believe i'm already in the middle of it. the actions are set in motion. how big a change, don't quite know yet but the message is out to the universe and i'm sure the universe will respond.

Monday, September 1, 2008

tiny living in the big city

small place small space but enough - just right like the third bear's chair. tiny stove, tiny sink, tiny counter, tiny everything but enough enough enough. got the shopping done, an effort to keep the city feeling more home than away.

organic veggies from the farmers - oh and a melon too as they are well in season and boy do i know how to spot the good ones. growing your own anything will teach you that. i carefully shopped organic everything - honey, coffeecoffee, peanut butter, blueberry jelly, apple juice, raisins, plain yogurt, flax meal, milk, eggs, oatmeal and whole wheat pie crust, fresh mushrooms of various sort and fresh baked bread and goat cheese of a local variety.

peanut butter and jelly with a dash of honey sandwich for dinner last night. brewed a pot of coffee last night to chill for this morning's iced javacoffee wakerupfellas cuppa. i baked the mushroom goat cheese in a whole wheat crusty quiche this morning. looked at the oatmeal and raisins but decided rather to go for a melon yogurt honey flax meal smoothie. hooked on these babies now - most probably one of my better chosen vices.

walked and walked and walked. visited near to five community gardens, amazing the joy i experienced while treading lightly. witnessed a clever squirrel thieving a nearly ripe mater. oohhhhh that boy better watch out. had the guts to eat it in the wide open - shifty fellow. wonder if he was thinking, "i'm not thieving, i'm taking it, you see me, i see you, when opportunity knocks in the big city, take it and i did." hmmm i let him to his lunch.

today i got up early early and walked and walked and walked and walked again. plenty to see, plenty to listen too. i thought about digging. i miss digging. thought about doing some guerrilla composting. still thinking on it. might just do it. compost my goods right into some city dirt somewhere. i'm sure i'll not be the only one. if i chicken out, i'll walk it over to one of the community gardens and toss it in their pile. chicken chicken.

chicken chicken. have not seen any live ones yet. there's still plenty of time. i search with my ears. i figure i'll hear them before i see them. there must be some chicken hearted folk around town. so many folk here, there's gotta be.

question - can i keep my sustainable self sustainable in the big city for one month?
my bet is yes yes yes
this adventure begins.