Friday, August 15, 2008

who does this?

here i am working my tail off with a pint of home grown home made sauerkraut at my side cold out of the fridge. who does this? who sits with cold sauerkraut and fork just eating right out of the jar?

for me it's a legitimate lunch but i stopped at one point and laughed at myself. maybe, in truth, it's not so odd. maybe there a lot of folk that might do the same but i'll tell you i've never had a food conversation with anyone that started with "i had this great jar of sauerkraut for lunch the other day, really hit the spot." even though this particular jar is really hitting the spot. it's cool, not too heavy, not too saur and fresh tasting.

on top of that, if you consider the cost of the ingredients, cabbage, water and salt, it might just be the cheapest lunch out there.

so who does this?
i do.
hey you - over there - bring on the herring!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chick, I’ve made a meal of a tin of oysters, a few spuds, a grouse hit with a rock and cooked over an open fire on a shovel.

Used to cross country ski with my dad. At lunch he’d cut open a tin of peaches with his knife. We’d share the fruit under trees or beside giant boulders, snow falling or sun low to the south. Can’t remember exactly.

Been enjoying your entries and photos. Get the feeling you are wrestling with something.

Sauerkraut straight from the jar sounds pretty good.

shellywoman said...

i aspire to simplify as you do, as father shared, as you share now

about that other stuff, indeed i am big and heavy