Tuesday, August 5, 2008

welcomed home!

got in late last night - flights delayed due to impending weather conditions.

here's the scoop

loving creatures
  • mr. t chatty chatty chatty and under foot immediately
    • missed this guy
    • he was happy to fill me in on all the goings on
    • mr. t now sits on lap serving as assistant editor
  • opera kitty no where to be found last night
    • spotted him early this morning
    • gave me a "where the heck have you been" bite
    • all is now well
    • he's currently napping and looking pleased
  • the girls oh the girls
    • they were already to bed when i arrived
    • i did say hello and was welcomed by some comforting coos
    • this morning the lively trio chirped happily when treated to some fresh cut grass
    • saffron gave me a few pecks at the ankle
      • i'll take them as love pecks
    • i took them off laying schedule this morning as they seemed to voluntarily hang with me and chat a bit rather than head to the nest.
      • i thought it best to leave them alone a bit so as not to mess up the entire day
      • i know how they love their schedules
  • coop is in great condition
    • does not look like a single critter has made progress in breaching the fortress
    • the night guard l.e.d. predator deterrents might just work!
  • several of the local kitty pals were out and about the yard today
    • they seem to enjoy watching chicken t.v. too
    • but don't get too close the chicken ladies now charge at the visitors
      • and the visitors run! too funny
the gardening side
  • the garden - uuugh!!!!
    • the garden is in rough shape
    • three weeks with temps over 100 each day i hear and no rain!
    • several of the soaker hoses have cracked from the heat
garden donations
    • several of the melons had been adopted by beetles
      • donations to the gods
      • every good gardener must be prepared to give in order to get
    • pulled the outback tomato plants
      • devastated by spider mites
        • spider mites love dry heat like ours
        • my not being home to battle them usually means they fall
    • will be pulling the outback eggplant plants too
      • see below
the growing things
    • the red long beans are doing great
    • trimmed off the hardened okra pods not picked
      • okra patch number 2 should be peaking any day now
    • eggplants are loaded out front - out back not so good
      • will pull the out back plants today as they seem to have fallen to spider mites
      • harvested six nice sized eggplants
        • baba this afternoon!
    • the butternut squash are hanging on even though the vines don't look so hot
      • probably due to the massive heat
    • brought in one watermelon today
      • several more ready for picking
yard happenings
    • the grass is brown
      • though several patches have grown more than a foot high
        • funny
        • will mow the tall stuff later today
    • all of the trees are hanging on thankfully
      • newer fruiting trees too
      • gave most a good soaking with a water/seaweed mix
    • mosquitoes are still abundant - eiiik
      • how when it is so darn dry!
      • will check the new rain barrels today
        • may need to put some mosquito pellets in them
      • flipped all bird baths and refilled - no breeders there now
    • several of the flower patches are looking a bit worse for the wear
      • trimming and good bit of watering should help out
the egg state
  • several dozen eggs wait in the fridge for a purpose
    • the neighbors took what they needed and this is what is left
    • it will be a quiche making day
    • maybe freeze the rest
      • or whip up a good batch of tapioca pudding or rice custard pudding
    • will update the egg count later this afternoon
      • neighbors were cool and kept it up for me
      • thank you neighbors!
    • the count breakdown while away
      • saffron - 22 eggs
      • freckles - 22 eggs
      • alfie - 21 eggs
      • that's a total of 5 1/2 dozen
        • boy oh boy the girls have been busy
the plan
  • got a whole lot of cleaning up to do
    • lot's of perrenials need
      • trimming, cutting back, seed saving
  • thinking about tearing up the east garden
    • re-organizing and allowing it to rest for a few weeks
      • don't be surprised, i've done crazier things
    • with the heat as it is, it might be the best time to do so
    • too hard now for things too keep going
      • too much stress
      • may be better to cut my losses and prep for a strong winter harvest
  • my starter bee house has arrived
    • put it together
      • very exciting
    • need to educate myself a bit more before i put in the order for a queen and family
    • that will be tonight's reading
  • the house is still quite clean thankfully
    • laundry to do
    • a bit of sweeping
    • and a fixing of the radio
      • somehow no signal
the hope
  • rain rain rain rain

- update 3:35pm -

got the lawn mowed, the garden cleaned up, the garden watered in deep, the drives swept, a good number of plants trimmed and spent plants pulled up. piled the picked and plucked bits, ready for composting. collected the neighborhood grass clippings, spread those about. got two quiche cooked up and a batch of slow roasted baba ganoush. picked up some local milk and cheese.

- harvested today -
  • 2 watermelon
  • red long beans
  • lemon yellow peppers
  • 2 butternut squash
  • 1 squash (another winter)
  • 8 skinny long eggplant
  • 3 chickeny eggs
time to study bees - laundry waits until tomorrow - tired and ready to slow a bit - have the camera packed, will pull that out when the unpacking happens in the morning.


Ash said...

Can you freeze eggs???

I know how crazy it can be to return to your garden after having other (very generous) souls care for it. Good luck! You'll notice it won't take long at all to get things back where you want them!!!

(And I must add, hooray for Colorado weather-- even if it's been super hot here, too.)

shellywoman said...

indeed you can freeze eggs.

crack them, beat them and place inside a freezer safe container. i crack them into a large glass measuring cup before i pour them into the freezer container. this way i can calculate volume vs. number of eggs.

i note the number of eggs in each container with a piece of freezer tape on the container.