Thursday, August 14, 2008

three's a charm

i sit now with the master of the house supercatinteriorbugremoverator a.k.a. mr. t. he's purring up a storm and keeps close contact with his left paw resting on my left wrist. he types with me and stairs straight into my eyes.

at last, he thinks, she is sitting on the sofa. now it is my turn to take control of this frenetic creature. so wry, so anxious, so erratic, what is up with her today. i must calm her, i must gain her attentions and then finally she will give her attentions to me.
yes i finally sit. i've had myself all worked up today, emotional, wondering too hard and nearly sick to my stomach. that can happen when i think too hard about things i cannot control. not very productive of me i know.

aware the absurdity of it all, i made efforts to keep myself so busy the brain would have to turn the dial. it did not work so well so i just kept going and going and going. bad cycle. there were moments i even thought i might cry - it happens - not often but it happens, my feeling overwhelmed. i did not cry maybe because i could not identify why i was so worked up. i think if i knew i might have let myself have the release. odd behaviour huh? yup. well it's time to cut it all out.

though indeed frenetic, much work was accomplished and there are now quite a number of gardening areas looking quite spiffy. i pulled weed after weed after weed. there are many more weeds yet to be pulled. i collected another couple of bags of grass clippings and mulched the flower beds out back by the chicken coop. i mowed the lawn and cleaned up the tall grass along the fence line.

the fence is falling apart again, may the gods help me. i think i'm always fixing the fence. the fence is on the gotta replace this soon list along with the siding panels on the east side of the house and the new coat of paint the house could use. ka ching! ka ching! ain't happening tomorrow, that's for sure.

i trimmed back the bean vines. they were pretty damaged by all this hot sun. i took about half of the growth off. they should bounce back and deliver a nice fall crop. the summer crop dried on the vine before i could pick it. i've piled the cut bean vines in a corner of the garden. i'll be going through those tomorrow to collect seed - no need wasting a thing - then the vines will head into the compost heap.

pulled in another musky melon today, each one a bit smaller than the earlier melons but no matter, the size is still quite substantial and the number of melons i'm getting is truly impressive. i'll be just fine with the smaller melons.

all the while outside, opera kitty followed and cuddled and stayed close by my side. i'm truly blessed folks to have such companions as opera, supercat and the girls. each cheers me and looks out for me. i believe that.

well i'm feeling thoroughly exhausted. got to go turn off the chicken radio so the ladies can catch their beauty sleep. ta ta til tomorrow.

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