Friday, August 15, 2008

tater tater see ya later

bet you can guess who's going down deep into the ground today. yupper, the chitted taters are going to get themselves planted in early today.

i've chitted two types - colorado red and yukon gold.

the spring planting of these very same potatoes produced excellent tasting taters. i was more than pleased.

now i've got to hope for the weather to begin cooling some in order for the potato vines to grow at optimum. i've piled some dry hay over the planting area in hopes to cool down the soil.

this summer has been challenging on so many levels for the garden and the hippychick creatures. heat heat heat, seems i'm always talking about the heat. more to the heart of the matter is the combination of heat and lack of rain. a double wammy and maybe something i should learn more about. gardening in super dry conditions.

it started with the heavy loss of tomato production. it then attacked the eggplants. i have two of my original ten plants. why? well with the heat comes the insecty pesty bady bugs and with continued conditions multiple generations of the buggers. we pretty much always have to deal with multiple generations of buggers but this year was a WOW kind of experience. i chose not to use neem out of concern for the bees and frogs and lizards. i just worry that they may experience badness from the need spray - nothing proven to hurt them but my gut makes me wonder so i abstain.

i did plant a large amount of basil, oregano, tansy and other fragrant plants that help to deter the baddy bad bugs. in addition i built in several safe house areas for frogs, toad and lizards which proved very successful. each is populated and i've seen the creatures in and about the garden on a daily basis. the lizard population this year is particularly good.

i also set out four sources of open water for the creatures, bird bath type, that are frequently visited by all sorts of folk including lizard lizards, bees, frogs, toads, hornets, cats, a puppy, squirrels, birds and raccoons. i bet the local skunk visits as well but i've never been witness. because there is so much action, i change the water every few days. this keeps the mosquito population from producing as well. they eggs may be in water but never long enough to fully develop.

the fruit trees are experiencing a fairly slow growth probably out of a need to conserve their energy and resources. i wonder what kind of flourish we'll see this fall. two of the four olive trees are even showing some ware for the worse. their leaves are looking dry and a bit crispy. i may move them to a cooler yard location just until the temps cool but then again probably better not to upset their root growth. flip a coin...

for myself, i'm looking forward to the day i can turn off the a.c. and open the windows and doors without worry of cooking the kitty creatures. i miss the fresh air wafting through the house. then again it has been a summer where the clothes on the line dry in record time. i do wonder how much fading of color has occurred.

regarding my anxious self these past few days. a full moon is just around the bend. it struck me last night that it might be the case and upon discovery, much began to make sense. some of you may not notice or seem to be affected by the moon but i must admit that i have been sensitive to and have made connections with my internal behavior and it's cycle for years now. check it out sometime, you may be surprised.

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