Thursday, August 14, 2008

sharing the adventure

i've pondered the idea of letting a room out for some time and today i put out the add.

why not? the house if plenty big enough for me and the two upstairs rooms often go unused. i'll let out one and keep the other available for family and/or invited guests.

i think it will work out well and help towards making ends meet and/or if disciplined enough be used strictly to pay off debts outside of the mortgage or maybe a new fence. just another part of the journey towards sustainability.

before that can happen though, the right person has to show up at the door. let's hope the good vibes we've been sending out to the universe send us a good one.

it's special here in this home. it's a good home. the fit matters. it's not just me who will decide. we'll have to see what mr. t and opera think of the folks too. it's important especially with my fairly frequent travel schedule. i guess we're looking for another friendly neighbor.

already an inquiry - hmmmm something feels not right about the details. so the looking leads now to the trusting and the truthful investigation of one's gut feelings about a possibility. i will be discerning, it may means the process is slow but that's just fine with me. this is a big deal - sharing a home is a big deal, it's not going to be just anyone.

even now as the ad sits, i wonder is this the right thing? and i tell myself that it will be when i find the right person. i am generally and have generally been a better safe than sorry kind of woman and there have been times when i've given the benefit of the doubt where i should have not. i'm grateful for the experience just the same. live and learn, yeah? let's hope.

i can always change the mind and work towards my goals at a slower pace.

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