Sunday, August 31, 2008

searching out nature in the big city

clean landing

board the super shuttle
3 hours from the airport
usually 40 minutes
accidents before the tunnel

sit sit sit sit in traffic
zone out, calm the mind

concrete concrete
brick and stone
cars and more cars
shift the mind to big city survival

topping the list
daily things to do
early morning run in the park
saddle trails

an outlet of nature to start the day
do or die
find the parks
find the trees
find a community garden

work call today canceled
on the search for the community garden
spiritual survival in the city for a naturalist
a good start


Anonymous said...

Hello Chick, can't stay long tonight. While in the city look for jazz. Red wine. Deep sleep. Damn the light coming through the curtains, garbage trucks backing up. Sirens. Listen for the voices on the street. Eat melon at the diner. Smell the bacon. Hold both taps. Wait for the sun to rise a hundred times over a hundred buildings. Take care and stay cool.

shellywoman said...

three thoughts

you, he, you, know, knows, know...

a thousand buildings...

change is coming...

shellywoman said...
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shellywoman said...

then again

change always comes

question is... to go or no