Tuesday, August 26, 2008

round the corner

took the morning garden stroll to check the state of the hippychick homestead surprised to see just how well all the creatures, plant and animal were doing. surprised about the chickenchicas? well not really, they are pretty spoiled and often doing more than well. the morning was still dusky so i switched on their radio station and stopped to listen to their cooing chatter as they individually made plans to dismount the 4' roost. freckles always first, alfie follows and saffron last.

around the corner i went, passing opera's kitty door. he was inside. i knew because i had just given him hugs and few good back scratches before heading out. his paws were damp and cool which signaled that he had been out before i saying good morning to the universe. he now sits comfortable on my drafting table ready for a morning snooze.

mr. t took his place on an outdoor porch chair. he found is vantage point and was happy for it. he saw me as i moved around the corner and gave me a little hello then went back to his personal grooming for the day.

the garden seems prepped for growth. our days are still quite warm and awful humid now that we are in the hurricane season. yes, the effects of humidity travel all the way up here, lucky us but the mornings have been cool and the plant creatures, especially the sweet potato vines the good bug blend are taking off like rockets.
still no sign from the seed potatoes. i fear they might have rotted out with the several rain storms that came through soon after they were planted. i have not had the heart to check on them yet. maybe they'll come up and all will be well but that's how it goes. no rain then buckets of it, gotta go with the garden flow.
the long beans are flowering out. they look beautiful. the lima's just don't seem to want to go this year. i'm not questioning their willingness one bit. it's been a tough year and i've learned in conversation with fellow neighborhood gardeners that they too have had odd survivals and equally odd losses in their own gardens.

we here in hippychick land have a special surprise - papaya trees growing from composted papaya bits right into the garden soil. they've been growing like crazy and i've been puzzled to identify the plant with the okra like stem and the oak like leaf. no one seemed to know until just this past week. once identified, i cursed myself for pulling the several that i did out of the garden for thinking it was yet another weed like something i had yet to experience.

nope papaya - my non-local fruit favorite. wow! i thought, no more feeling guilty for the love of papaya. but how long till it would fruit i asked? well probably next year as long as you protect it in winter. can do can do can do! aha friend said. what more said i? well you must be sure that you have a male and a female plant. ohhhhhhhhhh ok, how does one know? we will have to wait a bit to see how they develop. ok.

so this means, that soon, we'll be transplanting the papaya babies for garage like protected growth or maybe i'll build a special hoop protection place just for them (more likely). should be cool to see how this plays out. what a gift i thought, all for the effort of composting. so if someone says to you why bother composting? you've got yet another reason to sell the efforts forward.

which brings me to the funny thought i've been having. what about all those folks who have been composting for hundreds of years? i wonder what they think of all of us weirdo's blogging about our efforts when they, as earlier said, have been doing it since they cannot remember when.

do they think us silly? or do they scratch their heads and think yes hello! what took you so darn long? my honest guess is that they are probably so busy with their own lives that they don't think much about it at all. for me, the comparison introduces a level of humility and the awareness of the smallness of my efforts. just the same i think we will all continue to press forward big, small, whatever. an effort is an effort is an effort.

and with this i find myself back at the door from which i came out. iced coffee empty, time for a second, sun rising on the crest of the horizon, time for me too to prep for the day. kitties are napping, chickenchicas scratching and poking about and the birds sweetly chirp and sing the morning song.

busy day ahead, many more to follow. with fall hippychick lives not only as small time farmer and gardener and mama to her loving creature family but as professor and professional designer as well. many tasks for one to balance, sometimes easily sometimes just by a hair. and thus we fill our days.

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Ash said...

I call my surprise plants "rogue" plants. I know, not _exactly_ the right word, but it works.

Last summer, I had a million tomatillos, and this year, I planted none. However, I have at LEAST ten tomatillo plants! And I have a cherry and a purple tomato which I did not plant. And a squash-- though the squash may not turn out to be fruitful- no flowers yet.

hooray for free food!