Thursday, August 7, 2008

rise and shine baby!

the day goes forward! out of bed, squeaky squeaky cleaning and dressed in cheerful light colored clothes. who wants to lie in bed all day? not me, i'm just not made for it. life is too darn short. there may be a day when i have no other choice but that day is yet far away (let's hope).

so we're feeling a bit off, so what! time to get the body moving and maybe the moving will move the offness through and out. no meds no meds no meds. i avoid any type of pill as best i can. i have found that over the years of last, last resort only meds that i understand my body better. nothing to mess with the signals.

i can feel things coming on, i can tell when it's just a day down or a longer haul kind of thing. this current thing is a day or two or four kind of bother so given 48 or 72 more hours, i'll be back and bouncing like ever. i'm sure it's a mix of exhaustion and some crappy out of town eating.

now that i'm back home, the food choices drop right back into place. home grown, home raised and for the most part pretty darn healthy. i'll allow the good veggies and eggs to bring me back. just last night i enjoyed
  • lunch
    • roasted baba and rye crackers
    • okra and blue cheese quiche
    • aquamelon cool and fresh
  • dinner
    • fresh sliced sweet peppers and local goat cheese salad
      • with apple cider vinaigrette
    • roasted eggplant and squash
in a few days, there will be another musk type melon ready for the picking. i've got a close eye on that one. it's destiny is to be part of a yogurt smoothie. yum!

don't know what the plan is for the day. there are some basics already in play. the traveling laundry is nearly done, the dishes are clean, the recycling is sorted, the mail has been gone through, the bills have been paid and the first glass of iced coffee has been consumed.

i'll need to pick up some bug spray, the mosquitoes are just killing me. you'd think with this heat that they would die off or move to more pleasant climates but no luck. these mosquitoes must have survived the ice age, they ain't going no where. unfortunately for me, when i get a bite, it breaks open and oozes still itching like heck. it's not a pretty thing and drives me to the edge of madness.

it feels good to be up and about, clean and ready for the day.
let's see where we land shall we?

cheerfilled cheerfilled
onward we go!


Jill said...

I just happened upon your blog and am really enjoying reading about your efforts towards a self sufficient and sustainable lifestyle. Keep up the good work! BTW, do you have to worry about West Nile and if so what do you do to protect yourself?

shellywoman said...

hello jill, welcome!

thanks for the encouragement. it's been a good ride, the sustainable adventure, so far and for the most part pretty easy to maintain when home. a bit harder when on the road but i'll be focusing more on that in the coming months.

re: west nile virus
i have not read about any cases in our area as of late but i don't wait for the news to dish out the alert.
i have to keep myself sprayed for bugs as well as treat my yard as i am able.

for the yard i use a concentrated garlic spray with a bit of vegetable oil and soap for sticking power.

for myself i use a store bought spray with a bit of deet. i have not had luck with the herbal sprays, those darn mosquitoes still get me. i'm hoping to find another option in the near future. i guess i could smother myself with garlic but i wonder then if even my chickenchicas would wish to be near me.