Friday, August 29, 2008

oh boy revolving door

something felt not right for a bit this morning while working at home and then i heard a hiss. not an opera kitty hiss not a supercat hiss but a third not of this family of creatures so i took a walk to peek out the door of the back porch. hmm another cat, a very very very big cat eating away at opera's food dish. oh boy i thought, someone else has figured out and dared opera kitty's kitty door.

i shoo'd this particular cat out. i know who's cat it is and he went without much of a fuss but as cats are cats are cats, this young man will simply wait until the coast is clear to enter for the feeding goods again. wouldn't you?

i would next consider one of the pet doors that will only open when the creature with the special open "saysme" collar passes by but the history of collars and opera kitty might prevent more than a single entrance or exit. the boy does not like collars and has super powerful skills in the removal of such devices.

i don't know if i can discourage the visitations beyond the shooing but maybe with persistent shooing the visitations will stop. invite one, invite them all... oh boy.

moral of the day
it only takes one kitty door to feed a village

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