Monday, August 11, 2008

not going to get my hopes up

looks like we might be experiencing some of the "four letter word" wet stuff in the next few days. wouldn't that be nice? i have to keep myself from getting too worked up over the idea but it would be a pretty darn good day if some of that stuff decided to fall from the sky over our area of the universe.

i've been watering the vegetable garden daily. the heat requires so and i often wonder if once a day is enough due to the fact that we have also been experiencing drying winds. the plants are holding on and the melons, peppers, eggplants, okra and beans are fruiting so until i see further stress, i'll stick to the current plan.

it's looking awfully cloudy out there. the weather peeps say this will all burn off. darn

the girls were singing up a storm this morning; both freckles and alfie. i swear those two get each other going. it's like a call and response and once they get started it's hard to cool their jets. yesterday and the day before they were quiet, today a big racket. i wonder what sets them off, i have yet figured that one out. it could just be expressions of joy and i should happy for that. the girls make me laugh and they make me smile. i'm so pleased that they are a part of my little life.

i sat out with the chickenchicas yesterday at the hottest part of the day, in the shade of course. i wanted to see how they were making it through this long drawn heat wave (though it's not so much of a wave but a constant). i was equipped with an iced tea and some reading material. they sat close for a while and we chatted back and forth. i love that the ladies have such strong social skills. the coop area was warm but i have to say, under the shade of the big live oak, they do ok and they are panting much less than when they first moved here. amazing how they adapt. yes, we were all hot but we were doing o.k. it was good to know. and after a bit, the girls continued on with their own business, sitting by the chicken pool, sitting under the chicken waterer, just rutting around and looking for a spot of shade.

this morning is super perky chicken day. alfie for one was out scratching up a storm. once she gets going, look out! the dirt flies and she's on a mission. saffron will usually pick her own corner to scratch but freckles will go back and forth to see what the other ladies have dug up. she scratches too but i feel that she is more of the enterprising mind. let the others do the heavy lifting and she'll manage the troops.

ah yeah, freckles has truly warmed up. my shy little flecked girl now looks for a daily petting just as the other girls do and she now allows me to pick her up. that's kind of amazing to me, i did not see that coming. they are all sweeties. i'd never hurt them, i'm glad they know that.

we had a grand ole time watching a toad outside the coop yesterday. the girls were besides themselves wanting at that toad and the toad seemed unfazed until opera kitty decided to check out what all the excitement was about. then folks, that toad took a quick trip to a super cool hiding place between a few piled up rocks. everyone watched for a while thinking that the toad would have to come out again but soon enough, the event was forgotten and life went back to scratching and rolling about. i had fun just watching - it's a lively bunch around here. not much get's past them.

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