Friday, August 8, 2008

not bad for a day's harvest - lemon yellow peppers, a little orange hot-ish pepper, a few pods of okra, a handful of red long beans, a couple of small sweetie eggplant, another watermelon and the last few squash from the outback vines.

the vine borers killed off the last of my mid-season planted squash vines so i took what i could from the vines and kissed them goodbye. the fact that i got anything is pretty good. i have a steady score of zero wins with the borers. the stubborn hopeful in me still tries every year. so there is no sense in my saying "that's it, not planting squash again" because i know deep down that i will.

i pulled out the lawn mower again today. i had done a shoddy mow a few days back. must not have noticed while i was feeling pretty bad. still not up to 100% but good enough to notice a bad mow when i see it. now the lawn is smooth as a buzz cut. i always wonder as i mow which part of the lawn i'll cut out next for plantings. don't know right now. my sites seem to continually land on the east garden but upon further inspection i have decided that it's better to wait a while before ripping it up.

why? well the watermelon vines seem to be going gangbusters. i've spotted a number of smaller to mid-size melons hiding about and there are at least another 6 musky melons in the making. the long beans are showing great signs of health after a few days watering and the okra are really taking off. the sweet potato vines are starting to go and the basil plants are beginning to look like basil trees and they were loaded with bees this morning. don't know if they, the plants, could sense my thought or if the watering alone pumped them up. nothing in this world would surprise me.

and seeing as to my interest in raising bees, i don't feel right about moving a food source that they clearly enjoy. they are frequenting the melon vines each morning which may explain the sudden burst in melon population or maybe i'm just noticing the melon growth after having been away a few weeks.

opera is in the hang with mama mode. he's not a big fan of the mower but what cat is. the chickens on the other hand don't even flinch now. i can be mowing around the edge of their run and they just stand and watch, silly ladies.

i'm on a short break before i head out to give the coop a good cleaning and a fresh bed of hay. it does not smell but it's been there for almost a month now and i want to be sure that they have a healthy habitat in which to live. i don't want any badness growing around them. hey i do for them what i would hope someone would do for me. i've also got to rinse out the chicken pool which is looking a bit dirty dirty.

saffron has a steady new game now. it's called let's untie chicken mama's shoes. she will weave and bob around me until she can get a good handle on one of my laces then she backs herself up until the bow is untied. she then moves onto the next lace. she's quite scientific about the whole event and seems to take great pleasure in the fun of it. i just laugh and hope not to step on her little self.

the ladies in general have grown much tamer. i can pet each of the girls now without too much protest. even freckles enjoys a little scratch here and there. it's nice.

well i'm off, got to get the coop clean before the sun comes round the back.

shared a dozen eggs with a neighbor today. her eyes lit up at the offer. that was payment enough for me.

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