Saturday, August 30, 2008

the morning harvest

a stunning sunrise

fruits off the vine
crimson okra
red long beans
beautiful and sweet

a lovely color filled morning
good start to a day i'd say

oooh and three eggs yesterday - looks like the cloudy skies might have had an effect on the ladie's output. they are back in the swing. it also looks like alfie is experiencing a shedding of feathers but not a full molt. just practicing i guess.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

i was on my out to the airport when a "flight delayed" text arrived on the phone. hmmphf, two flights today bet they both delay i thought, seems to be the fate for travelers these days.

i called in to the airline to see what type of delay it was. "air traffic control" that's one type of delay you don't want to hear. it's one of the delays where anything could happen. it could delay a minute or hours or not take off at all. the result for travelers. you're at the mercy of the airlines. you can hike the airport, making solo efforts to standby or rebook but for the most part, you have to wait it out. the nice lady on the phone let me know this flight would take off at least one hour later. "ok" i said.

get used to it folks, "ok" is really all you can say - don't kill the messenger. so i decided to head out and chat with the ladies a bit more, bring them some freshly chopped musky melon and maybe give opera a few scratches if he decides to return from his morning neighborhood scouting expedition.

i was in luck, i had the whole clan by my side, mr. supercat was inside enjoying a bit of plain yogurt, his favorite treat. i'd visit with he next. the ladies were all on the nest when i arrived with melon.

i unlocked the outdoor run to set the melon down and shwoop! shwoop! shwoop! out came the girls. mellllloooonnnnnn! i could almost hear them say. they were all over it before i could even get the melon into the pan. boy oh boy oh boy do i know how to get these girls to go soft. i popped a look inside to see if the nests were gifted with eggs. oh my yes! three eggs, side by side by side and good sized too. thank you ladies, it appears we are back on the bright and early schedule. i am now of the believe that it was indeed the overcast skies of late that led to the egg delivery slow down. pretty pretty.

i then visited with supercat for a good while before i pushed myself out the door. i don't mind a delay when it means i can spend quality time with my creature family. that's a good delay.

i'm now on the second delay of the day. this one is looking like an hour wait or more, it too is an air traffic control delay. funnnnnnn!

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Ash said...

Amazingly beautiful fruits of your labor!!!

Nicely done!