Thursday, August 7, 2008

healthy thinking and worms to the rescue

the body did put up somewhat of protest against my efforts to continue forward as if at full health but at days end, it held up pretty well. positive thinking - pushing towards health.

i did not end up doing all that much. i collected two bags of local grass clippings and mulched several garden areas. seems all we do down here is mulch mulch mulch but i'll tell you, i will not complain. the heat has been tremendous as i often report and anything that helps keep the vegetation a bit more comfortable is well worth the effort. lucky for me, my grass clipping stake outs have proved quite profitable. i've collected pounds of mulch for the price of lifting the bag and transporting home. not bad.

as a result of the heavy mulching this season, i've noticed the worms populations growing - as discovered during my recent mulching/digging endeavors. that's a big plus. the mulch cools the soil, the worms rise up, they pull down the mulch, break down the mulch, benefit from it's food source, breed more worms, more worms means more castings, more castings breed healthier soil, better soils means better water retention, healthier fertile soils breeds healthier plants, healthier plants better survive tough conditions - so i'll keep on mulching and hope the worms keep coming, i can hope for nothing better!

of course there are many beetles and bugs and lizards that also help with this process. i love them too along with all the toady froggy creatures rounding out the cycle.

so i mulched a bit, made myself some homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch and then i decided today would be a good day to bake a loaf of bread. just a single loaf today, going to try that for a while since the freezer is pretty darn full. i've been storing quite a bit of goods up and the top of the okra season has yet to hit. i usually freeze a good bit of okra but considering my failure with cucumbers this season, the okra may all head right to the pickle jars instead. i'm a huge huge fan of pickled okra in a way more so than cukes so maybe nature pulled me a favor.

ahh! the timer just went off. time to pull the bread out of the oven.
enough for today
hoping for a happier healthy body tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Hello Chick - must be good to be home. Hope you had someone good looking after MT and Opera. Cats need human contact even if they seem, at times, independent, disinterested. Sounds like you found them happy and glad to see you.

Pace yourself in the garden. I bet the melons and basil, beans, (which must be going crazy), are as glad to see you as you are them.

My garden has been hit hard by deer. They have ate the blooms off the sunflowers, the peas, beans. They even ate the flowers off the tomatoes. So, I don’t have many tomatoes on the plants but the ones I do have are whoppers!

You lose here but gain there.

Pickled okra - that sounds good. Have only had okra in a tin of Campbell’s Chicken Gumbo. Bet it’s better in real life!

Take care, stay out of mischief and keep cool - Bob.

shellywoman said...

thank you robert
impatient i can be. true enough.

fyi - i truly enjoy following your blog adventures. you are churning out some fine work - thank you for sharing - poets are often private - i appreciate the peep hole.

Ash said...

You've convinced me, I need to mulch!