Tuesday, August 12, 2008

- how to live a life -

ever wonder if the choice of how you'll live your life is one choice, limited to one place or idea, doing one thing with a particular group of folk or if the living of a life shifts and bobs regularly with varied folk taking part in different places in the world? i do.

the consequences - the quality of the investment long term

can you live with that?

what happens if one of those worlds drops you out, how then will you fulfill your happiness or what if you yourself decided enough is enough, i'm done with this chapter, it's taking too much and i'm stopping cold turkey? ( i stop things cold turkey )

can you live with that?

i think sure you could, you would.
let's be honest here, i'm talking about me and yes, i would.

which world and when, time is ticking, remember the consequences. how will you make your way? pay the bills? that damn money thing always creeps in.

i'm not freaking, just thinking, just wondering, living possibilities out in my brain.

what i do know is that if i dropped out of one life (not talking death here, just change in lifestyle and/or career) the gap i left would quickly be filled.

don't kid yourself, our gaps get filled. yes we leave shadows, some deeper than others. yes we leave impressions and memories but the working part, there is always someone else waiting in the wings.

some of us settle easier than others. i for sure am one of the others where the settling in comes less easy.

i'm not going to get too heavy here, just jump in the pondering and swimming for a while.
life is good.

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