Sunday, August 17, 2008

hopeless dirt digging romantic

so i get up this morning and i say to self "self let's dress nice today, no special reason, let's just do it." so i did... and then i walked out the door to survey the lands after the entire evenings rain. green, brown, dirt splashed up onto the house, green, leaves and twigs fallen down, tall flowers weighted over, etc. and then i walk into the garage and i grab the rake. "i'll just clean up a bit." should i change clothes, nawww, should be fine.

and then i grabbed the garden cart and then the garden fork and then the clippers and then what do you know, i'm kneeling in the dirt digging out the smallest of the compost piles. dirty dirty dirty - can't keep myself tidy and clean for even one afternoon, that's just how it goes around here. what can i say? i dig dirt and apparently dirt digs me too, we are a good pair and i like the deal we have with one another.

i came in for a bit because i was beginning to feel light headed, not good. i'm sitting now with an iced tea and trying to think if i've eaten anything today. i don't think so and only one iced coffee today until i brew myself another batch. funny how 7:ooam turns into 2:3opm just like that. ugghhhh and now i've got the stomach hurts but not quite sure i feel like eating after all feeling.
i know, i'll whip up a yogurt smoothie with fresh grown melon and local honey. that should do the trick. not too heavy and pretty darn good for me. i need to perk up here, i'm crashing.
i did do alot of work out there this morning. moved a few tomato, basil and rosemary plants around. dismantled a smaller garden and moved it's soil in and about several of the other already existing plots. emptied out a compost pile and distributed that around to several plots as well. i moved the two older olive trees to areas that might better suit their needs and keep them out of the harshest sun, i ripped apart a garden around one of the pecan trees. it just did not look right so i transferred the flowering mums which used to be under the tree to one of the perennial plots. then i pulled all the weeds along the fence line.

wow! i guess i've been pretty busy. no wonder i'm feeling a bit weary. all this is labor intensive, of course i'm feeling funky. and there is more that i want to get done today so i guess i should have something to eat.

got to get some fuel for the lawn mower later today too. she's plum dry and with this rain grows the grass. mine is growing like crazy. i know i mowed not too long ago. maybe it's been a week already but i don't think so.

well i walked back out after the lunching smoothie (which really hit the spot and did the trick) and it began to rain again. hey now i'm not complaining. it turned out to be a pretty light rain, nothing to run inside for so i decided to stay out and pick up from where i left off. finished my tasks and then stopped back inside to wash up a bit. it's feeling a bit muggy out and i found myself a sweaty beast once i stood still. eiik, gotta get out of the "nice clothes" ha ha ha.

i'm hoping for more rain myself. it's kept the temperatures down and i'll trade a rainy day for a cooler temp in the august month of texas any day. oop! the power just dipped out and back, i wonder if there is a thunderstorm heading our way. that would be fun.

the thunderstorms around here can be pretty darn severe. last night was, i'd say, a medium sized texas thunderstorm. we've had them where swear i believe the electricity is going to pass through each and every wall and get us! i've never really been one to scare from thunderstorms. in fact, i'm usually out watching the fireworks. i find the whole experience quite awesome. but around here, the bad ones, the big big big bad thunderstorms, they scare the big big big bad heck out of me. they have power beyond my comfort. nature is something quite spectacular, that's for sure.

now there's a light show i'll never match. my respects to the wonder of it all.

the whole hippychick homestead seems to be chilling out on this happy day sunday eve. each in their own place. nothing wrong with that.

wondering what's in that smoothie?

1/2 home grown musky melon (big melon)
plain yogurt
flax seed
wheat bran

whirrrrr it and you're done!
- how much of each - ahh i just eye it -

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