Saturday, August 9, 2008

getting better all the time, betta betta beeeeetaaa

hey hey hey i'm feeling better than yesterday and better yet than the day before. health is on the up and that's always good news.

i've been out pulling weeds and grass born with enterprising aspirations. this grass has detected the finer soil in the gardening areas, it's moved in but i have moved it out. kind of amazing how quickly grass and weed can invade garden areas in a few short weeks.

i gave the rosemary bush a shearing this morning. i've got a whole lot of it to play with. i am a big fan of rosemary. i like it's strong scent and enjoy it's flavor as well. i love it in a soup or stuffed in a chicken for roasting or with a pan of oven roasted potatoes. some folks are not so keen on the rosemary lucky for me, that's not ever been a problem.

so what to do with all this good stuff?
here's the starting plan.
  • a good batch will go out for drying
    • considering we continue to have weather above 100˚, the drying process should take less than a day .
  • place stems in
    • the dish soap bottle
    • the laundry soap bottles
    • my facial cleanser
    • a bottle of olive oil
    • the shampoo bottle
  • mix a handful into a jar of sea salt
  • place a bundle of fresh tied sprigs
    • in the closets and linen areas
    • in the bathrooms
    • in the kitchen area
    • above the kitchen sink
      • great to wake up to in the morning
  • maybe i'll try some rosemary tea
  • rosemary bread, biscuits, pizza dough
    • get the picture - yummy~!
got any other ideas? throw them my way.

i'm going to head out for a while. i've got some more weeding and general clean up to do. it's going to be hot out there but with the way things are going, hot is the norm.

phew! it's too hot out there today - i'm back inside for a while. checking in on the home goods here and noticed that it's time to make another batch of laundry soap. i made the last batch in may - that worked out pretty well.

here's the link to the instructions.
home made laundry soap

boiled up a few eggs for lunch - i may just sit for a while with my latest read
three bags full by leonie swann
it's a detective story and the detectives are sheep!
i'm digging it.

later in the same day...

you guessed it - i added rosemary to the laundry soap, that and some rosewood essential oil. i processed the rosemary to little tiny bits before adding it to the soap mixture. the combination of scents is quite relaxing and smooth and the soap has taken on a barely pale green color - naturally beautiful. this batch of laundry soap produced a good 5 gallons which should take care of several months laundry needs, possibly more.

i went out about 4pm and pulled some serious weeds, pails full. there's plenty of green now available for the compost piles. i may be picking up a local batch of horse poo tomorrow so the timing is perfect.

tonight will be a quiet one at home. me and the creatures, the creatures and me.
we will just be.

roasted veggies for dinner

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