Sunday, August 24, 2008

family is more than good

ever sometimes feel so overwhelmed that the bit of crazy you have always considered yourself clever enough to avoid creeps a little too close for comfort. yeah well that's me lately. big changes might be coming, might not.

choices are there, pop! pop! pop! right in front of you. what are you going to do? what are you gonna do? what do you do?

and of course all that at a busy busy time when there is little time to properly sort through it all, measure it out, determine risk or balance, yes maybe no. instead it begins to spin in the brain and the spin cycle just keeps a going and going and sleep is lost and sanity teeters in a way you never thought possible but you put on the face and get through the day.

well folks, that's me. that's these last few weeks. that's the now.

you have to be prepared for anything at anytime so some think. well i say that efforts at the being prepared cannot possibly predict and/or cover all variables which means we are bound to be thrown by some part or another of the experience. some we handle with ease and other require deeper efforts. efforts you never knew would be required and the path, the directions, the clues as to how to proceed are nowhere in site.

you have two choices, you step forward blindly terrified and hope to learn from each step or you stay still and hope you don't wonder too much about the choice of staying still.

lucky for me, family came to the rescue right before the "too much to ponder right now, might be going crazy" place. family came, family calmed, family stayed near and that simple staying near was enough, was perfect, was far far far better than good.

i threw out the line and they held on as i bobbed as i floated as i struggled with the waves. and no the storm is nowhere near over but there is now a better understanding of the landscape and i think for a while i can swim on my own thanks to their steadying.

nothing is fixed. fixing is not the need, just some steadying, just some way to help forge a bit of quiet, just a place to bounce thought rather than spin it.

lucky for me, i am blessed with a family more than good.

so now just stay calm, roll with the waves, stop fighting, stop solving and just be. accept the being and listen listen listen listen. we all know the path. we don't all know to listen.



Ash said...

I've felt a little bit teeter-tottery on that line of sanity myself in the near recent past.

Hooray for people who ground us... and hooray for the contrast, because without it we don't know how blissfully wonderful the good things are!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chick, plenty of rain in our neck of the woods. Especially for August. Liked the pictures you took in the dark of rain falling in containers. Looks like you had a storm roll through.

Tough to watch, what wind and rain can do to a garden. But the garden always comes back stronger. If it wasn’t for storms, would have to think of other ways to stress plants. Our season is short. I’ve deprived tomatoes of water. Clipped late blossoms. Chopped new growth back, exposing the tomatoes to the forest fire sun. I’ve even stuck thumb tacks in their stocks. All to ripen the fruit before the frost falls down the mountains. Some things work, others do not. Just happy to have a few ripe tomatoes come the start of September.

I hope this note finds you in good spirits. Take care and stay cool.

shellywoman said...


You could pull the plants before the cool eats them up and hang the plants by the roots upsidedown inside. The fruits will ripen on the vine over time. It works well actually. That way you can keep them on the vine until the very last comfortable moment.

yes we had two nights of rain - lovely lovely lovely. not much since then but more should be coming. the hurricane season is on which usually throws a few drops our way.